Rog, Reg and I went to Brgy. Industrial Valley Complex in Marikina to do field work. We did an interview with the Barangay Captain for our Public Administration 151 class.

After the interview, we saw these robots lying around the park.

Sometimes, I really wish that other cities can follow what Marikina has become.



7 Responses to “Marikina’s Robots”

  1. Those look pretty cool.^_^ What are they made of?

  2. i know!!! i really am not sure what it’s made of…i think it’s made of scrap metal? :P

  3. one day, a bolt of lightning will hit one of them. He will then become sentient and bitter and use lightning powers to give life to the other robots. Man will be enslaved and they will form a band named March of the Machines.

  4. Oooookay…

    Moving on… :l

    Err. Jayne and I laughed at those robots on our way to Boys Town during outreach. Lol.

  5. hahahaha! diba?! it’s so… innovative and amusing :) okay naman siya eh! XD

  6. do the robots symbolize anything? the transformation of marikina perhaps?

  7. @toni: hmm.. possibly! they said it’s part of the beautification project. :)

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