Last Saturday I was very fortunate to have been part of the facilitators who gave a workshop on leadership to the QC-Marikina Grade School Consortium at the Ateneo de Manila University grade 5 assembly area.

I really missed doing these stuff. Good thing I was available that day when Sir Jake Aragon asked me if I wanted to go join them again.

There were workshops on “Discovering the Qualities of a Filipino Leader”, “Making Important Leadership Decisions”, “Leading Successful Teams”, “A Lesson on Leadership”, and some outdoor challenges.


I really enjoyed myself. I’m really happy that my group, despite some difficulty with interacting with other people within the group, faced every challenge, and conquered it all.




With us were: Louie Ignacio, Nico Ocampo, Moses Florendo, Jewel Castro, Nino Savellano, EJ Legaspi, Chewy Chua, Dolly Joya, Jojie Perocho, Hart Ang, Matthew Go, and Javi Campos, among others.

To more exhilarating and eventful workshops in the future! I’m glad I did this. :)

4 Responses to “Young Leaders’ Adventure!”

  1. uy claretiano! haha!

  2. yup2!:) may mga tiga-claret:P

  3. I’d just like to say… that first image is weird. But fun and nice anyways. :D

  4. oh hehe! i didn’t explain what it was…sorry.. hehe it’s what my group made, their output on what qualities a filipino leader should possess XD

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