I had to go to school at around 7:30am even if my one and only class is at 2:30pm. I had to do my Accounting homework with Barbie, Athena, and Reg.

Thank God for friends in BA - Sean and Tasha! Oh and Kester helped a little too. XD

Sadly, we didn’t even finish the HW, ohwell, at least we tried (for like 4 hours…) On to the Accounting exam this Saturday! (open book, open notes, open everything as Prof. Boncodin said a while ago) I just hope it’s not that tough.

On a lighter note, I received presents today from Sean (Fullybooked Planner), Kesterson (Coke Zero can from Taiwan), Mark and Sarah Wu (Goofy!), and Merri (Hershey’s Choooocolate!) Thanks a lot guys! :)


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