What White-haired Journalist really loves to do is…making an Art.

(He must be really good or just bored much? You decide.)

The Jingle Bell song, Hello Kitty version:

Tingal Bells
Tiffy Smells
KT laid an egg
The Bong Mobile, lost its wheel
Steffi got her way! Wu!

Dashing Thru Iheart
In a Badzt horse open sleigh
O’er Nanao we go
Cookie-ing all the way!

He’s unstoppable…He made this too! T_T

Be like Bong

Be like Bong
A superhero amidst the dark forces of Tiffy
No matter how the lil monster wrecks havok
Superbong still remains the hero of justice

Be like Bong
A hero who stands tall (literally and figuratively)
continuously battling evil
and visiting countless restaurants in Trinoma

Be like Bong…Be like Bong…

As I was reading my Multiply inbox, I came across Karol’s page, and read these two wonderful excerpts. I want to share these with you. I love them (it’s so sweet as Raein said), I hope you appreciate them too. (much love!)

Confucius says:
“Be a lotus”

Which means no matter how ugly,
how evil, and how sinful everyone around you might become,
Do not allow yourself to be stained.

A lotus remains beautiful even as it lingers
In the filthy waters of the pond.

Do not be contaminated,
Do not be influenced by worthless means.

Remain radiant among the shadows of darkness.

Be a lotus.
It has to start with one to fill the pond with more.

…and my favorite of the two:

May your year be filled with magic and dreams, and good madness.
I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful-

And don’t forget to make some art-
Write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.

And I hope, somewhere in the year, you surprise yourself.


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