These are photos of Sean Tiu, one of the master photographers of UP CSA :)

Alternative Classroom Learning Experience: WUSHU! (01-24-08)


General Assembly (01-26-08)


But not only is he good at taking pictures, but also at giving REALLY NICE HANDS in Bridge. See example:


5 HEARTS! Hah! Beat that Pat and Yao! (N.B.: Sarah had the Ace of Hearts!)

This must have been the luckiest day of my bridge life :))

To more “heart-winning days”! ;)

121: Ma’am Domingo’s back from Davao! We discussed about Personnel Recruitment and all the processes it has. No exam this Friday! Whew! XD

131: We discussed about budgeting, government budgeting, expenditures, GAA of 2007 and Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Financing for 2008 (because as of date, 2008 Budget hasn’t been signed into law..pray we don’t have a re-enacted budget). Well it’s all political play. It’s a matter of “feeding” the legislature well.

151: NO RECITATION! Isn’t that great?! It was a relief for everyone. We reported on the field work we did in the Barangays we visited/surveyed. He just discussed “powers and functions” of elected officials and appointed officials in the Local Government Unit (using an OHP projector). I hope he does that more often. :P

LArch1: Boring as usual. Scientific approach to Landscape Architecture. We discussed how Biology, Geology, Botany, Ecology and other sciences relate to LArch. :| Exam on the 29th! Eep!

Met with Titus regarding Kaisa. Pray for me. It’s one big decision I don’t want to screw up. I seriously need your prayers.

Got to play bridge with Ainna, Alvene, Chris and Sarah. Had to wait, cause I went with Alvene. (thanks so much!) She dropped me along Commonwealth. (at least I had a seat on the bus…thank God!)

And did I say that the Inari/Aburage of Hannah’s mom is SIMPLY THE BEST! :) Now I understand why Harrell’s “addicted” to it. Thanks!

Exhibit - Grand Pakain - Film Viewing - Dimsum-Eating Relay - Lion Dance, WuShu and Fireworks!!!

What more can you ask for! Join us in our week-long celebration of the Chinese New Year! :)


I didn’t have anything to do this morning. I’m lazy to do school stuff. Sigh. I wasn’t successful either in trying to cough up some words. She left me! My muse left me. And I have to find her real soon or else… :(

I grabbed the Hip Hop Abs DVD and played a track. This track.

Fat Burning Cardio

This is not your mama’s aerobic video. You’ll burn calories and shed fat with my fun, hip dance moves set to the same hot music you hear on the radio. (30 minutes)

It was really tiring, and I gave off sweat like I was in hell or something. The good part is, I can feel that I’ve worked my abs off. XD

I think I’ll be doing this dancing more often now.

“I am your brother…Your best friend forever…”, was the song audition of Reynaldo Lapuz from Nevada (rumored to be Filipino in descent) in the 7th season of American Idol.

Shockingly, it’s a hit record now. It’s everywhere! Blogs, YouTube, you name it. :o

Rog, Reg and I went to Brgy. Industrial Valley Complex in Marikina to do field work. We did an interview with the Barangay Captain for our Public Administration 151 class.

After the interview, we saw these robots lying around the park.

Sometimes, I really wish that other cities can follow what Marikina has become.



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