Ate at Balducci, Serendra with some friends. I would say that it was an impulse dinner. The food was good, but it wasn’t as I had expected. It’s also a little off the price range of one who’s still just studying (in UP? like me! haha! joke!) But seriously, I don’t mind the price, but this time, the food wasn’t worth the price (talk about VAT and Service Charges on top of the bill).

Their pizza’s great (at least the Pescatora — the one Tiff, Thea and I shared), but the pasta’s another story. As Tiff would say, she didn’t quite like the taste of what I ordered. As for their pasta, I’m not sure that I liked it too.


Pescatora, P350.00, Fresh mozzarella fresh tomatoes and clams with mussels and prawns


Canneloni della casa, ricotta e spinaci, P360.00, Classic Cannelloni with ricotta cheese in bechamel sauce.

Maccheroncini e Salsiicce con Tartufo, P380.00, Maccheroni with Italian sausage, meat and truffles


Standing (L-R): Patrick, Sarah, Thea, Mark; Sitting (L-R): Charles, Me, Tiff, Don, Austin

*Photos from Mark Wu

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