It’s never too late to post a gift wish list. I was checking my reader when I saw Harrell’s Gift Wish List post. And since I’ve done mine even before (It’s just sleeping in Word file for weeks now), I’ve decided to just post it anyway.

In no particular order:

1. Moleskin Notebook (or something similar)
2. Coca-Cola Items (Coke cans designs from wherever, etc.)
3. Unique Key Chains
4. Poker Set
5, Nice deck of cards
6. Artisme (Gallery 7) Framed Picture
7. External Hard Drive (120 Gig)
8. My Own Car!!!
9. DSLR (Nikkon D-80 or Canon 400D)
10. Shirts with humorous designs (Size: Large)
11. A bottle of Smirnoff? (HAHA! JOKE!)
12. iPhone
13. but, anything would be very much appreciated…

As they say, “It’s the thought that counts!” :P

15 Responses to “My Wish List”

  1. I could give you #11!!! hahahaha! :D

  2. I could give you #11!!! Hahahahaha! :D

  3. poker? cards? smirnoff? HALA BONG! you’re becoming a sugalero and a drunkard! hahahaha i think i can give you the keychain. if you like teddy bears… :D

  4. Car!! Yeah!! XD

  5. What Harrell said! O_O

  6. @Stin: hahahahahahaha! double post pa eh! :P

    @Spellbinder and Raein: blame it on my cousins? BUT OF COURSE NOT! my cousins = LOVE! boo!:P

    @fairlady-z: an impreza would be great! or evo.. but any car for that matter would be good! :)

  7. @Spellbinder: any keychain is ok :P haha! XD

  8. Impreza~~ *drool* I like the 2008 version, but it’s sold out. XD I love the performance of Subaru cars. I’m driving a Forester and I’m very happy with it. Hehe.

  9. wah! IMPREZA!!! D: *drools* i know!!! :(

    at least you have a car :P hehe

  10. Talagang naghahabol ng regalo from Harrell eh noh XD Any keychain talaga hee!

  11. @tiff: hehehehe ;)

  12. did you get any of the stuff on your wishlist? =) I didn’t. =( haha

  13. @clea: what’s your wishlist ba? hahaha! yeah, coke stuff? ahahah from my cousin, kesterson, and probably from patrick? haha

  14. my wishlist: 1. macbook, 2. nice, expensive shoes hahaha

  15. ooh. believe. i got my macbook din. i prayed and believed. haha nice expensive shoes..well.. hi mommy hi daddy? hahaha XD

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