It’s never too late to post a gift wish list. I was checking my reader when I saw Harrell’s Gift Wish List post. And since I’ve done mine even before (It’s just sleeping in Word file for weeks now), I’ve decided to just post it anyway.

In no particular order:

1. Moleskin Notebook (or something similar)
2. Coca-Cola Items (Coke cans designs from wherever, etc.)
3. Unique Key Chains
4. Poker Set
5, Nice deck of cards
6. Artisme (Gallery 7) Framed Picture
7. External Hard Drive (120 Gig)
8. My Own Car!!!
9. DSLR (Nikkon D-80 or Canon 400D)
10. Shirts with humorous designs (Size: Large)
11. A bottle of Smirnoff? (HAHA! JOKE!)
12. iPhone
13. but, anything would be very much appreciated…

As they say, “It’s the thought that counts!” :P

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