Classes officially ended yesterday. I can have a sigh of relief for now. I don’t want to think of the ton of homework our teachers gave as gifts for Christmas yet. It’s time to party and enjoy the season. You and I know that we very much deserve it.

My week’s pretty planned out. I’m so excited!

I’ll be off to Manila South Harbor with Joyce, Cherrie and Merryan after I write this blog to check out MV Dulos and the books it has. It docked for the first time in the Philippines last January 2007, and it’s here again for the last time, before it retires.

UP Lantern Parade - it’s finally pushing through this year, hoorah!

Memcomm Party, CSA Team Building, CSA Christmas Lunch Out, TriNoma + Taylor Hicks Live!! (Soul Patrol!), Ainna Antenna’s Birthday!:P, XS4B Christmas Party…

I’m so excited for the “get-together”, I miss my cousins! Diba Luj?:P haha

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