I am glad that today happened. It was my simple escape from all the hassle that I will go through this week. In the next few days, I’ll be seen less (I think) and will hibernate in my public administration cave to study for PA 131 and PA 151 exams this Friday. That means you won’t see me online starting tomorrow until Friday.

Had lunch at Gerry’s grill with Austin, Patrick, Clea, Wu, Carlson, Merryan and Rica.

Played bridge (At first, Austin and I were winning against Merryan and Patrick, but after Merryan and Clea switched, it marked our downfall) Boo! I knew that I had no match will my original bridge lucky partner. HAHA (Naks..we can’t compete with each other Clea..) …and drank rum coke ;) yeahboy!

Harrell and Alvene appeared after we ate. Went to National Bookstore after. Wu, Pat and I were hogging the cook books. That was fun - identifying where we have eaten in “2007 Best Restaurants in the Philippines” book.

After everyone else went home, Pat and I roamed around the entire mall until I was fetched. He actually had the idea to see if I have a shoe size there. (Just in case?) We went inside Adidas and luckily, and thankfully, I found SIZE 15 SNEAKERS that I would want to wear! I’ll go back there soon to buy that! YEHEY! XD

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