Been to YMCA and Little Sandbox last Wednesday for CWTS. We planned some sort of a Christmas party for the little kids. YMCA is sponsoring this place wherein poor kids can go and learn. It wasn’t any formal school, but they’re helping by teaching them. Little Sandbox, on the other hand, is a day-care/ learning-center where parents could leave their toddlers.

In YMCA, we told them a story that Phimie made. It was about this not-so-well-off little boy who wanted lots of toys and food for Christmas. He later discovered that it’s not what you receive during Christmas that’s important, but it is by spending it with your family and your loved ones. After the story, we taught them how to make Christmas cards for their parents. It was all sweet.

In Little Sandbox, we just technically played with the 2 year old kids, and taught them to make Christmas cards after. It was really awesome.

The kids were cute, and adorable! Spending the day with them was all worth it. It was all a getaway from all the busy complicated stuff in the real world. It made my day. :)


Pebbles, Barbie, Little Gabby, Me, Dianne


Teacher and Cute Little Daniel


The kids practicing their piece :)

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  1. Ilang beses na ako nagccomment dito di pa rin lumalabas T_T

  2. Oh there! Lumabas na!

    Can I have the cute kid at the last pic? :D

  3. HAHAHA! who daniel? :P hahaha

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