Last Wednesday, I was amazed to find our friend, Hello Kitty, in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, one of the leading broadsheets in the Philippines.

It appears that the writer was giving her readers perfect Hello Kitty gifts to give this Christmas.


More often than not, I enjoy my Public Administration subjects. I enjoy it not because of 12-inch loads of papers and readings to read and understand, but because of the learnings from experiences shared in class by classmates, and most especially by my teachers.

One professor that I find really okay is my PA 131 (Public Fiscal Adminsitration) professor, Ma’am Cuaresma.

Initially, you would think that she’s very much similar to Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in many aspects, but once you get to know her more in class, you’ll find that she’s really smart with a great sense of humor.

One day BFFL Reg and I decided to just jot down lines that she says during class discussions, which we find originally/very “her”. Well, enjoy… :P

PA 131 Quotes:

12/04/07 - “UP is government. You don’t tax yourself.”

12/04/07 - “By nature, people are tax evaders. Filipinos have very low tax ethics.”

12/07/07 - “They call successful coup de etat People Power, while they call the unsuccessful ones rebellion, or siege, or mutiny.”

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