Except for commuting from home all the way to Cubao, everything was a blast! It was that rare moment where you don’t care about anything, but to pour your lungs out, jumping, shouting, cheering for your team/s. To top it all, I was with my friends, who were as crazy as I was! Woot!

Earlier that day, we watched a movie at Gateway. I arrived a little bit late for Hitman. Tiff, Harrell, Harroun, and Chris were already inside. Good thing I didn’t miss a lot. I actually liked the movie, despite what other people’s reviews were. :P

Had merienda at Burger King after the movie. Then we all went to Timezone, where we met Patrick. After Timezone, we were headed to the main event at the Araneta Coliseum.

No it wasn’t a PBA championship game of San Miguel or Ginebra or Red Bull. It was something better, much much more cooler and more awesome! It was the Skechers Streetdance Battle III! It was our first ever, actually. And I was really excited because I had 2 teams to cheer for - Xavier School and UP Diliman!


UP Diliman’s UP Street WOWED about 10,000 in attendance at the Araneta last night. They really deserve the win for the 3rd straight time now! :D Our fellow CSA member, Ayna Salazar, is included in the competition team of UP Street. She really deserves to be part of the team! You ROCK! :) Congrats!

Although the judges didn’t think that Xavier had something to say, ARANETA thought otherwise. It was really crazy yesterday as people cheered for my high school! Yes, they didn’t bag the title this time around, but I really thought they did great! You deserve the recognition! Luceat Lux! :)

My palms were numb, my throat was sore, but it was all worth it! Until next year? ;)


Clockwise from Top: Patrick, Harroun, Me, Chris, Raein, Harrell

Photos: http://superbong.multiply.com/photos/album/80

6 Responses to “Skechers Streetdance Battle”

  1. Cool! That sounded like fun. Hmm I wish I could dance :[ What does “Luceat Lux” mean?

  2. Wow there’s a streetdance battle now? I didn’t know about that. But I know the feeling of watching it with friends. Nice one super! XD

  3. Hic.

    Gram alert par 1! Last sent.

  4. virtual: Luceat Lux means “Let Your Light Shine” :P

    white-haired: yeah! it’s an annual thing by Skechers :P YEAH! thanks!

    tiffy: wow yeah i saw it, thanks! o.o

  5. Hee. Our pet peeve. :P

    AH unite.

  6. how to join po sa skechers street dance battle kxe po gs2 nmin sumali email mo po aq or txt if u want 09272544125 kim_adufalcons@yahoo.com friendster q po

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