Ate at Balducci, Serendra with some friends. I would say that it was an impulse dinner. The food was good, but it wasn’t as I had expected. It’s also a little off the price range of one who’s still just studying (in UP? like me! haha! joke!) But seriously, I don’t mind the price, but this time, the food wasn’t worth the price (talk about VAT and Service Charges on top of the bill).

Their pizza’s great (at least the Pescatora — the one Tiff, Thea and I shared), but the pasta’s another story. As Tiff would say, she didn’t quite like the taste of what I ordered. As for their pasta, I’m not sure that I liked it too.


Pescatora, P350.00, Fresh mozzarella fresh tomatoes and clams with mussels and prawns


Canneloni della casa, ricotta e spinaci, P360.00, Classic Cannelloni with ricotta cheese in bechamel sauce.

Maccheroncini e Salsiicce con Tartufo, P380.00, Maccheroni with Italian sausage, meat and truffles


Standing (L-R): Patrick, Sarah, Thea, Mark; Sitting (L-R): Charles, Me, Tiff, Don, Austin

*Photos from Mark Wu


Me, Luj, Adi, Chris, Tin, Justin, Achi Carol, Jen, Jason


Achi Denise




Jao and Earvin






Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! :)


*photos from Keith Aguilera 


Kimberly gave me these cans. :)


My updated Coca-Cola collection! :) = <3

It’s never too late to post a gift wish list. I was checking my reader when I saw Harrell’s Gift Wish List post. And since I’ve done mine even before (It’s just sleeping in Word file for weeks now), I’ve decided to just post it anyway.

In no particular order:

1. Moleskin Notebook (or something similar)
2. Coca-Cola Items (Coke cans designs from wherever, etc.)
3. Unique Key Chains
4. Poker Set
5, Nice deck of cards
6. Artisme (Gallery 7) Framed Picture
7. External Hard Drive (120 Gig)
8. My Own Car!!!
9. DSLR (Nikkon D-80 or Canon 400D)
10. Shirts with humorous designs (Size: Large)
11. A bottle of Smirnoff? (HAHA! JOKE!)
12. iPhone
13. but, anything would be very much appreciated…

As they say, “It’s the thought that counts!” :P


My classmates are the best! It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to play the videos and the pictures of sabaw moments throughout the 4 years of high school. I guess that’s one thing to look forward to next year! :) Merry Christmas guys!


After Duolos, we all went to UP for the much awaited Lantern Parade. This time around, it was an all systems go - nothing could stop UP from partying and celebrating the parade.

I went with my BFFL, since we were required to be with the NCPAG float. (Boo..wala si Rog!) My other friends were at AS watching. See picture below. There’s Justin, Kim, Apple, Laureen, Wu. Then look up at the second floor balcony. There’s Austin, Clea, Sean, Stan, Donald, etc… :P


This is our lantern/float - the parrot that “is about to take off”.


It was something different this time around. I was in it so I didn’t get to see everything, unlike last year. But even though I didn’t, I got the chance to go crazy with my collegemates and cheer for NCPAG!

“May bagong umagang…parating…” :P

Joyce, Kelvin, Cherrie, Merryan, Charles and I went to the MV Doulos docked at the Manila South Harbor last Wednesday to check out the much talked about floating bookstore.



“The MV Doulos is the world’s oldest active ocean-faring passenger ship. She is now owned by the German charity Gute Bücher für Alle (Good Books for All), and is used as a floating bookshop.”


According to Merryan, we made history. We’ve been on the oldest ship alive. But it’s not any ordinary ship, it’s in league with th Titanic. Bragging rights? :P

It’s the second and last time it will dock here in the Philippines, because according to people, it will retire already.

For me, it wasn’t what I have expected. Yes, there are a lot of cheap books, but the variety of which wasn’t that much. In any case, I still love the whole trip :)


Classes officially ended yesterday. I can have a sigh of relief for now. I don’t want to think of the ton of homework our teachers gave as gifts for Christmas yet. It’s time to party and enjoy the season. You and I know that we very much deserve it.

My week’s pretty planned out. I’m so excited!

I’ll be off to Manila South Harbor with Joyce, Cherrie and Merryan after I write this blog to check out MV Dulos and the books it has. It docked for the first time in the Philippines last January 2007, and it’s here again for the last time, before it retires.

UP Lantern Parade - it’s finally pushing through this year, hoorah!

Memcomm Party, CSA Team Building, CSA Christmas Lunch Out, TriNoma + Taylor Hicks Live!! (Soul Patrol!), Ainna Antenna’s Birthday!:P, XS4B Christmas Party…

I’m so excited for the “get-together”, I miss my cousins! Diba Luj?:P haha

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