Austin Ong, a former member of CSA, asked me last week if I wanted to tour some Singaporeans, but then I wasn’t really decided if I would go or not because I really didn’t want to go alone. So I didn’t give a definite answer.

But then Raein emailed me if I wanted to, then Spellbinder (Harrell) asked me if I wanted to I just agreed to go with the two of them. With our convincing powers, we had Don, Thea, Charles, Harroun and Shine to go with us.

The day came, and I wasn’t really up for it anymore because I don’t have a ride home plus with all the stress that morning/afternoon. But then Raein forced me to go. She could pass as a dramatic actress you know (with what she did…haha).

I actually copied her when Thea wanted to go home in the middle of our LOOONG walk from AS to Balay Kalinaw (yeah Thea, Charles and I walked! we didn’t take the jeep! :p )

The 3 of us were feeling anti-social at that time, but then I’m glad that I got out of my moment, and caught up with all the socializing after. (So did Thea who likes.. coughBOYWHOMHARROUNCALLEDHOTcough, and Charles, who likes coughGIRLINYELLOWcough) ;)

The Singaporean students (mostly 16..17..) had these series of talks/ forum about Philippine Politics. After which, we accompanied them to Balay Kalinaw to visit the bookstore and probably to buy some “souvenirs”. After the stop, we all went to Max’s chicken at QC Memorial Circle for dinner.

Had a real laugh with the guys — they’re so good at making stories (That I can say…haha) They’re also too fixated with girlfriend/boyfriend thing — because that’s how it is in Singapore, so they said. They also asked me how to cuss in Filipino (thanks to Austin and his “Ask Bong, he’s good in Filipino” line..hahahaha) They also taught us some cuss words they use in Singapore, and all those derogatory words. I guess I won’t go into the details of that anymore. :P

I’m so sorry, I can just remember around 3-4 names, because I’m really bad at remembering names — plus most of them have Chinese names.

We exchanged messenger/multiply addresses so we can keep in touch. Who would forget about picture taking - a lot were taken for remembrance. I’ll post them when I get some from either the organizers or the Singaporean friends, after they’ve uploaded them already.

I had a lot of fun, really!

Don dropped us (Harrell, Harroun and Shine) in UP because Harrell’s car was parked there. The 8 of us were jammed into Don’s RAV4 on the way to UP (we were all shouting, and exclaiming how fun the night was after the event - it was really amusing). Harrell drove me and Shine home. (SUPER THANK YOU TALAGA!)

This made my day really better.

I know we all want to do something like this SOON. I hope we can. To Singapore? (haha)

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Harrell - Singapore Visits

My whole family went to Promenade yesterday after we dropped off my brother at this debut he had at Oasis. Had dinner, and went around.

I remembered Harrell telling me that Tiff had gone 5 or was it 6 days without cussing.

See whole story at Raein’s post :P

I asked him when she would complete the 7 days. I decided to buy her cake already that night. It was supposedly a surprise, but then I didn’t know what time she would be in school, and I don’t know which cake to buy. I ended up asking her (so much for the surprise) haha.

*Notice the picture, without the chocolates on the side…I wonder why…:P

So she made it a week without cussing. Congrats! :)

To Mariannet and to others like her Dear…

INQUIRER quote: “A Symbol: In death, Mariannet lives on as the embodiment of everything that’s not right in the country.”

What would cause an innocent little girl to choose to advance her appointment with Death?

Is it because of her parents, who cannot give her and her siblings the right to basic needs? Is it because of the government who cannot make an environment that would enable Mariannet’s family to do so? Is is because of us, who continue to live our lives more confortably  - seeking to be richer and richer at the expense of others?

Who should we point the blame to? Or is this the time to focus ourselves in doing our part, even how small you think it is, to make a difference?

Raein said, maybe because thinking “that something better is out there” made her decide to take her life. Sadly, that’s just wrong thinking. “It’s painful to imagine that a 12 year old can think of this,” said Vicky Morales.

One thing that I am certain with - something like this shouldn’t be happening, not to someone like Mariannet, who didn’t have a choice but to worry about a lot of things she shouldn’t have for a sixth grader, for a twelve-year-old. She should have been spending her time studying, playing and having fun with her friends; she should not be worrying about how to do with a few pesos for herself and her family.

After the incident, a lot of people wanted to help and condole, and to take advantage of the issue. Why should we wait for something like this to happen first for us to unite, for us to act concretely? It should have been our responsibility, or at least we should have seen this coming.

I really hope that learn from Mariannet. I hope this wouldn’t be seen as an example to follow by kids out there. I wouldn’t want people to think that this is an easy way out. Believe me when I say that it just isn’t. It really isn’t. I couldn’t help but to sometimes think about bringing back the past, and stopping things from happening. It really would be easier if I were somewhat like Hiro Nakamura, wouldn’t it? But things are what they are, and we simply couldn’t.

What I admire the most of Mariannet, and what touched me about her story was what I have read in today’s PDI. “She shares what she has, even if she only has a peso, she buys things for me…” her brother said. Now I think this is love. Love in its purest simplest and most modest form.

So here I am again with my Messiah Complex (as Raein says I have). This just really caught my emotion. It made me angry. It made me ponder.

Yes, I concede to the fact that there would be many more Mariannets each day. It would be crazy to think that we could stop each and every single one of them. But I really do hope that this made a difference - a significant one I pray - and maybe, just maybe one of would be Mariannets would be spared. I’ll be very happy with that.

Save the Little Girl, Save the World!


I wanted to go on Food Trip with my fellow enthusiast, Mark Wu. In fact, we have planned one already, but there’s still no date for it. In the mean time, I really wanted to try something new, so I treated my family for dinner this time around. :) I wanted to try Abe: Where Good Friends Dine, but I wasn’t up for Filipino food, so we went to the adjacent restaurant, Polu Kai Grill.


I heard about this restaurant from a fellow blogger, Anton of OUR AWESOME PLANET. And from Auntie Mapi, who was praising their really big grilled squid. You can read Anton’s post here.


Chicken Salad I forgot the exact name and the price, but I assure you this one’s really good. Tossed vegetables topped with grilled chicken. The sauce made it all.


Devil Shrimp (P195). By far the best of them all. It wasn’t that accurate to say it is the “hottest shrimp dish in town” for me (in terms of taste), but it was HOT. Shobe and I added Tabasco on it (muwahaha)


Crispy Creamy Fish (P330) Pan fried fish fillet with sze chuan peppercorn cream sauce served with garlic pilaf and vegetables. The fish, according to them, was shipped from Singapore. The fish is bland but cooked right. I guess the sauce should have been more tangy.


Giant Squid Steak (P300) Grilled cuttlefish steak with a teriyaki baste. One really huge squid, good for sharing. It’s just that the pineapple’s scary (allergic..) Thank God for siblings. :P


My family dragged me to the Beyonce concert at the Bonifacio Open Field, The Fort. We didn’t really have tickets to the concert. I for one didn’t think it was necessary because you can just stay outside and still hear her sing. In my case, I was at High Street, outside Krispy Kremes, and I still heard her clearly.

I didn’t exactly want to go last night, but it was a blessing in disguise because I got to upgrade my Mac OSX to a Leopard! *FOR FREE* (happy happy joy joy)

Before the concert, we ate at Polu Kai in Serendra.


(See separate article)

My friend Mark just came from Hong Kong. I really love the pictures he took — especially of the Coke cans and bottles. But as important as those pictures, look what he also found there.

Green Tea love from Kitty…

…and H2O to quench your thirst! :)


TAKE NOTE: Never commute home past 5pm! First time for everything…I waited for a ride for around 20 minutes. There was no FX Taxi available. I settled for a BUS which was SRO (standing room only). I stood all the way from Philcoa to Fairview. It was traffic. My right hand’s sore. The bus was jam-packed! I was standing nearest the door of the bus. I hate it!

I want a car NOW. I have to save up for one…sigh. Anyone nice enough to buy me one? I’ll do whatever you want… o.o hahaha!

Tomorrow I shall go home 4pm or earlier! GAH! :(

It’s my brother’s 18th birthday today! We just had a sweet simple dinner at home. I cooked pasta. :)

Jason and I were at the supermarket, when I suddenly dragged him to the wines and liquor section. I told him to pick anything he wants. (But all along I was signaling him, asking him if he likes the GSM Blue…apparently he refused…instead..) He chose this. I got four of five flavors for him.


Well I’m treating him. So it doesn’t really matter what it is he picks. It’s his “initiation”-ish. He’s now legal.

It’s just something local by Ginebra San Miguel. Vodka Cruiser copy-cat? Yeah. I tasted it just now, and I don’t like it. It sucks. haha!

Happy Birthday Jason! :P

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