There was a curfew imposed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from 12 midnight to 5 a.m. Friday. “The directive covers Metro Manila and Regions 3 and 4-A.”

This all resulted from the failed coup/stand-off/whatever you may call it, headed by Mr. Trillanes (I don’t want to call him a senator. Excuse me! He’s not befitting to be called one) and Gen. Danny Lim, with Former Vice-President Guingona, and other personalities.

If you ask me, they have every right to protest and make their claims heard, because God knows how corrupt and deranged this administration is, but their methods were just plain stupid and unconstitutional.

I learned of this news from Cherrie, who made me a little bit excited and panicky at the same time. I really didn’t know anything until she told me at around 12pm? I was looking for practically any source of news. I called up my mom to watch, and text me for updates. Later, I settled for the radio in Harrell’s car.

I was with some CSA people at TriNoma for dinner and a movie at that time. We watched Disney’s newest movie, Enchanted. Austin and Harroun really liked it. It lowers the IQ, but it’s good, as Austin said. But it’s “a feel good movie” and according to Harroun it made him feel good after. Haha! For me, yes, it was an interestingly funny film, but it was very predictable and crazy. Feel good, yes; but, not what I expected it to be. :P

We finished at around 9pm, and went straight home after.

Everyone was safe at home before the 12 midnight curfew. Thankfully! :D

3 Responses to “Curfew”

  1. Oh, what happened? Some kind of a riot?

    I heard about how good Enchanted is from my friends, but I havent got a chance to watch it. Lowers the IQ? Shucks. I better stay away from it, since I dont have a lot to start of with. HAHA.

    I am glad you got home before 12MN. Do you often get such curfews?

  2. No, it was a coup de etat!

    But it’s a feel-food movie.. so I guess it’s okay :P

    Yeah!!! :P Nope, it’s the first in my lifetime… but it happened before I was born, during Martial Law…

  3. How strange to give a curfew to a whole populate. It’s understandable for those who can’t take care of themselves and throw themselves in the way of danger often, but for it to affect such a large number of people, hmmm… Well as long as its not from 7pm to 7am, I guess its better to leave that way. Don’t want to push any buttons that will shorten the time.

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