I have been out of commission for a while now. I guess I didn’t have the heart to write about something, even if a lot have happened lately. Was I busy? No… I just didn’t feel like writing at all.

At Patrick’s house killing time before Dorothy’s debut:

Tiff (the whiner :P) was desperately in need of a makeover (she was telling us), all of a sudden, out of desperation I think, she started saying…

Tiff (asking Patrick): Do you have a skirt?
Pat: Why would I have a skirt?
Tiff: Do you have heels?
Pat: Nooo!!!
Tiff: Do you have something girly?
Pat: (the look of his face = priceless)
Me: Uhh.. Of course not. (while laughing out loud)

Dorothy’s Debut!

Checked-In at Mandarin Oriental

After the debut, I went to the hotel, where my parents and siblings were already checked in. I was just glad about the whole thing.

I was going to go to the gym early the next day, but I forgot to bring my rubber shoes! So I just went out, and walked with my mom to buy breakfast at Subway near the hotel. What I enjoy doing when I’m in a hotel is to try their pool. I guess, I’m just a water person afterall. It has been a long time since I did laps, so I was just happy to have done some strokes that day.

To top it all, I got to drive the car going home, without my dad. It’s the third time now since forever. HAHA!

Dinner at Seaside (Dampa)

That same night, the uncle of my mom, treated us to a seafood galore dinner at Master Cook, Seaside in Macapagal Avenue.

Crabs, Oysters, Scallops, Blue Marlin, Squids, Shrimps GALORE. Too bad I don’t have pictures, they all dove in at the food right away.