I went to the office today and had these “pasalubong” waiting for me and Raein. We also got our certificates of employment, which we will need to apply for a credit card.

It’s so sad that Austin, a common friend of Raein and I, wasn’t allowed to go up the building just because of what he is wearing. Uhh.. isn’t that too discriminating?

We played DOTA at Ash Creek, and it was my first time to actually play the game. (so you’ve guessed right - I sucked more than Raein…haha) I didn’t know that there’s this place in Ash Creek where you can play computer games. It was flocked with Xaverians (students of Xavier School) dismissal time.

I thought that it wasn’t allowed by law to put such kind of establishment near schools? Anyway, we ate at Burger King after the game.

After eating, we went to Sureplay, in Araneta Avenue to play badminton. It was all fun! I haven’t played for the longest time now, and I had to warm up for an hour before I got the hang of it again. Play-all-you-can for 60 pesos was really worth it I guess. :):)

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  1. Lets play Badminton. :)

  2. How lovely! You had such a nice day. Back here in the California on the 22nd is Thanksgiving day. I’ll write a little bit about it on my blog. I know its an American holiday, and were pratically the only ones celebrating it but I hope its a blestful day for you too. :).

  3. You just paraphrased my blog entry :|

  4. Ohh~ play-all-you-can~ XD

  5. HAHA! Naughty bong! Stealing Raein’s entry..

    Oh, when you say office, do you mean sanriotown’s office?

  6. uhm uhm sorry :(( i didn’t copy it…

    Outblaze :)

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