I’m glad that induction is finally over :)


After the induction, some of us went to TriNoma to watch a movie. I’m not so sure who decided what movie to watch, but we ended up watching Beowulf. It was supposed to start at 5:15, so we ate at Five Cows first to kill time. I ordered Tarta de Manila - sophisticated version of turon (fried banana in wrapper) that was made into a cake, with ice cream and langka.



Right after the movie (which I admittedly didn’t like that much, except for the.. you know…just watch it, and you’ll know.. haha) we were greeted with really nice fireworks right outside the open area of the mall. I believe that the fireworks show is a 6pm regular attraction of the mall.


We had dinner after the movie at Heaven and Eggs. It was really funny; I can conclude that CSA=Bridge, because wherever CSA people went, bridge playing is a no fail. Did I mention that at Five Cows, there were 2 groups who played bridge? There were also 2 groups who were playing at Heaven and Eggs :P We’re that addicted.


Although I was really tired already, I managed to enjoy everything… Induction’s over. Human chess. Pam trying to drive the car, and succeeding. Five Cows. Bridge. Beowulf. Fireworks. Heaven and Eggs. Pictures, and more pictures!

Thanks Austin for the ride!!! :)

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  1. You’re sounding more and more incoherent! :o

  2. you didn’t have to comment that here… o.o SABI NA NGA BA EH. argh. sorry. yeah i know. sorry :( hahaha!! i should’ve thought of an angle. i was just bored tired.


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