Austin Ong, a former member of CSA, asked me last week if I wanted to tour some Singaporeans, but then I wasn’t really decided if I would go or not because I really didn’t want to go alone. So I didn’t give a definite answer.

But then Raein emailed me if I wanted to, then Spellbinder (Harrell) asked me if I wanted to I just agreed to go with the two of them. With our convincing powers, we had Don, Thea, Charles, Harroun and Shine to go with us.

The day came, and I wasn’t really up for it anymore because I don’t have a ride home plus with all the stress that morning/afternoon. But then Raein forced me to go. She could pass as a dramatic actress you know (with what she did…haha).

I actually copied her when Thea wanted to go home in the middle of our LOOONG walk from AS to Balay Kalinaw (yeah Thea, Charles and I walked! we didn’t take the jeep! :p )

The 3 of us were feeling anti-social at that time, but then I’m glad that I got out of my moment, and caught up with all the socializing after. (So did Thea who likes.. coughBOYWHOMHARROUNCALLEDHOTcough, and Charles, who likes coughGIRLINYELLOWcough) ;)

The Singaporean students (mostly 16..17..) had these series of talks/ forum about Philippine Politics. After which, we accompanied them to Balay Kalinaw to visit the bookstore and probably to buy some “souvenirs”. After the stop, we all went to Max’s chicken at QC Memorial Circle for dinner.

Had a real laugh with the guys — they’re so good at making stories (That I can say…haha) They’re also too fixated with girlfriend/boyfriend thing — because that’s how it is in Singapore, so they said. They also asked me how to cuss in Filipino (thanks to Austin and his “Ask Bong, he’s good in Filipino” line..hahahaha) They also taught us some cuss words they use in Singapore, and all those derogatory words. I guess I won’t go into the details of that anymore. :P

I’m so sorry, I can just remember around 3-4 names, because I’m really bad at remembering names — plus most of them have Chinese names.

We exchanged messenger/multiply addresses so we can keep in touch. Who would forget about picture taking - a lot were taken for remembrance. I’ll post them when I get some from either the organizers or the Singaporean friends, after they’ve uploaded them already.

I had a lot of fun, really!

Don dropped us (Harrell, Harroun and Shine) in UP because Harrell’s car was parked there. The 8 of us were jammed into Don’s RAV4 on the way to UP (we were all shouting, and exclaiming how fun the night was after the event - it was really amusing). Harrell drove me and Shine home. (SUPER THANK YOU TALAGA!)

This made my day really better.

I know we all want to do something like this SOON. I hope we can. To Singapore? (haha)

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  2. eh hello iiyak ka na doon o_O but fine! I’M GLAD YOU DID! I ENJOYED EVERYTHING! haha

    so ako pa ngayon may utang sayo? hahaha jokeeeee:P:P

  3. HAHA! drama queen!!! :X :X Who said that?!

    Oh what kind of stories did they make? HAHA. I think you got the strange bunch. Discussing about curse words, sigh. What were they there for?

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