To Mariannet and to others like her Dear…

INQUIRER quote: “A Symbol: In death, Mariannet lives on as the embodiment of everything that’s not right in the country.”

What would cause an innocent little girl to choose to advance her appointment with Death?

Is it because of her parents, who cannot give her and her siblings the right to basic needs? Is it because of the government who cannot make an environment that would enable Mariannet’s family to do so? Is is because of us, who continue to live our lives more confortably  - seeking to be richer and richer at the expense of others?

Who should we point the blame to? Or is this the time to focus ourselves in doing our part, even how small you think it is, to make a difference?

Raein said, maybe because thinking “that something better is out there” made her decide to take her life. Sadly, that’s just wrong thinking. “It’s painful to imagine that a 12 year old can think of this,” said Vicky Morales.

One thing that I am certain with - something like this shouldn’t be happening, not to someone like Mariannet, who didn’t have a choice but to worry about a lot of things she shouldn’t have for a sixth grader, for a twelve-year-old. She should have been spending her time studying, playing and having fun with her friends; she should not be worrying about how to do with a few pesos for herself and her family.

After the incident, a lot of people wanted to help and condole, and to take advantage of the issue. Why should we wait for something like this to happen first for us to unite, for us to act concretely? It should have been our responsibility, or at least we should have seen this coming.

I really hope that learn from Mariannet. I hope this wouldn’t be seen as an example to follow by kids out there. I wouldn’t want people to think that this is an easy way out. Believe me when I say that it just isn’t. It really isn’t. I couldn’t help but to sometimes think about bringing back the past, and stopping things from happening. It really would be easier if I were somewhat like Hiro Nakamura, wouldn’t it? But things are what they are, and we simply couldn’t.

What I admire the most of Mariannet, and what touched me about her story was what I have read in today’s PDI. “She shares what she has, even if she only has a peso, she buys things for me…” her brother said. Now I think this is love. Love in its purest simplest and most modest form.

So here I am again with my Messiah Complex (as Raein says I have). This just really caught my emotion. It made me angry. It made me ponder.

Yes, I concede to the fact that there would be many more Mariannets each day. It would be crazy to think that we could stop each and every single one of them. But I really do hope that this made a difference - a significant one I pray - and maybe, just maybe one of would be Mariannets would be spared. I’ll be very happy with that.

Save the Little Girl, Save the World!

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