I wanted to go on Food Trip with my fellow enthusiast, Mark Wu. In fact, we have planned one already, but there’s still no date for it. In the mean time, I really wanted to try something new, so I treated my family for dinner this time around. :) I wanted to try Abe: Where Good Friends Dine, but I wasn’t up for Filipino food, so we went to the adjacent restaurant, Polu Kai Grill.


I heard about this restaurant from a fellow blogger, Anton of OUR AWESOME PLANET. And from Auntie Mapi, who was praising their really big grilled squid. You can read Anton’s post here.


Chicken Salad I forgot the exact name and the price, but I assure you this one’s really good. Tossed vegetables topped with grilled chicken. The sauce made it all.


Devil Shrimp (P195). By far the best of them all. It wasn’t that accurate to say it is the “hottest shrimp dish in town” for me (in terms of taste), but it was HOT. Shobe and I added Tabasco on it (muwahaha)


Crispy Creamy Fish (P330) Pan fried fish fillet with sze chuan peppercorn cream sauce served with garlic pilaf and vegetables. The fish, according to them, was shipped from Singapore. The fish is bland but cooked right. I guess the sauce should have been more tangy.


Giant Squid Steak (P300) Grilled cuttlefish steak with a teriyaki baste. One really huge squid, good for sharing. It’s just that the pineapple’s scary (allergic..) Thank God for siblings. :P


My family dragged me to the Beyonce concert at the Bonifacio Open Field, The Fort. We didn’t really have tickets to the concert. I for one didn’t think it was necessary because you can just stay outside and still hear her sing. In my case, I was at High Street, outside Krispy Kremes, and I still heard her clearly.

I didn’t exactly want to go last night, but it was a blessing in disguise because I got to upgrade my Mac OSX to a Leopard! *FOR FREE* (happy happy joy joy)

Before the concert, we ate at Polu Kai in Serendra.


(See separate article)

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