My friend Mark just came from Hong Kong. I really love the pictures he took — especially of the Coke cans and bottles. But as important as those pictures, look what he also found there.

Green Tea love from Kitty…

…and H2O to quench your thirst! :)


TAKE NOTE: Never commute home past 5pm! First time for everything…I waited for a ride for around 20 minutes. There was no FX Taxi available. I settled for a BUS which was SRO (standing room only). I stood all the way from Philcoa to Fairview. It was traffic. My right hand’s sore. The bus was jam-packed! I was standing nearest the door of the bus. I hate it!

I want a car NOW. I have to save up for one…sigh. Anyone nice enough to buy me one? I’ll do whatever you want… o.o hahaha!

Tomorrow I shall go home 4pm or earlier! GAH! :(

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