It’s my brother’s 18th birthday today! We just had a sweet simple dinner at home. I cooked pasta. :)

Jason and I were at the supermarket, when I suddenly dragged him to the wines and liquor section. I told him to pick anything he wants. (But all along I was signaling him, asking him if he likes the GSM Blue…apparently he refused…instead..) He chose this. I got four of five flavors for him.


Well I’m treating him. So it doesn’t really matter what it is he picks. It’s his “initiation”-ish. He’s now legal.

It’s just something local by Ginebra San Miguel. Vodka Cruiser copy-cat? Yeah. I tasted it just now, and I don’t like it. It sucks. haha!

Happy Birthday Jason! :P

HALLOWEEN PARTY: Trick or Treat, Candies, UP CLC, Cousins, “Alcohol-Induced Sleepiness”, Love (aww….hehehe)






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