Finally, today officially marks the start of my semester’s break. PA108 is done, and it was easy!

Last night, besides studying for PA108 (or should I say, instead of studying?) BFFL Reg did this wonderful placard. Aww, how touching (hahahaha!) Okay, we are sounding very grade school-ish right now. (sorry, deprived childhood?)


Rog had his PA 11 exam with the same professor right after PA 108 exam, so Barbie, Tenai, and Reg had this idea:



…until the next BFFL adventures? :))

Had a study group for our Public Administration 108 exam tomorrow with my new BFFL (”Best Friends For Life”, as Barbie Rog coined that’s another story.. haha) at KopiRoti in Blue Ridge Katipunan Ave. earlier this afternoon.

We planned to have it at Bo’s but then it was full, so as with the Starbucks branch near McDonald’s Katipunan, and Banapple. So in the end, we decided to go to Kopiroti adjacent Banapple. :)

Again, I wasn’t able to take pictures, so here’s what I can do with.

Go Reg, Rog, Barbie and Tenai!!! ^^

*Photos from Annalyn

I’m not really a magazine person.

I would love to have a subscription of FOOD, Animal Scene, Newsbreak, T3, C!, etc.etc.etc. (for free? ;) )

I guess what I really wanted to say is that I don’t have any subscriptions, but I buy once in a while. Okay, that wasn’t hard at all..

Anyway, Last time I bought Preview, or should I say, the only time I bought preview was when Karen Davila said to buy because she was on the cover, and they did an article on her.

And now, I think I’m going to get myself another copy, the October 2007 issue! One person whom I consider to be the “bestest” food blogger there is here in the Philippines - she’s no other than Lori Baltazar of DessertComesFirst. She is included with other creative its (stage actors, movie directors, furniture designers, singers, visual artists, film makers, musicians) in the issue. If you’re not yet convinced, I can say that she’s one of the “bestest” food bloggers who can induce gastric orgasm with her very good pictures and articles (whew) :D You can’t not visit her site. Enjoy!

Keep it up Lori! You really deserve this! :) Nice library BTW.

I’m currently blogging from Grams Diner in Rockwell.

Food here is great! I ordered the Breakfast Sampler which has these mini pancakes all over, 2 eggs of your choice (I got the Sunny Side-Up), with this golden hash brown fried to crisp, 2 strips of bacons, and 2 sausages (Php 195).

The problem now is that I can’t seem to post the pictures from my phone. :( Actually I don’t know how to transfer the pictures from my phone to the computer! O_O

So instead, here are some pictures I got from my laptop… :P



One boring afternoon, I decided to take a video (out of my OLY C-50 digicam) of Kirby. Here he is! So cute! :)

This is for all of you guys, my family, friends, teachers, classmates, acquaintances…  ;)

“It’s simple, really. Start by saying “Thank You.” Say it with a smile; say it like you mean it and it will come naturally.

And if you’re still finding it difficult to say “Thank You,” here’s something that will make it easier:

Celebrate National Thank You Day on October 20.

Revive the art of saying Thank You. And see how easy it is to say it.

Go on now, go and say it. It’s just two words.

Thank You.

There. It’s not too hard, isn’t it?”

Yehey, So now I’m back…from outer space? o.o Corny… Anyway, I have gone through tons of exams and papers, and I think I am happy to survive them. Just one more exam in PA 108 this coming Thursday and SEMBREAK time begins for me! :)

Here’s another video I got… It’s a short film parody of the fame Ice Age..CUTE!! hehe

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