We’ve been to the cemetery to visit my grandfather yesterday. Got to catch up with Luj and Tin. Yeah Luj, more face-to-face chats this time around eh?:P I’m excited for tomorrow! Trick or Treat. Kids in costumes. UP YCLC in costumes? :))

HALLOWEEN (according to Luj, meaning: “which we big “kids” call - night of drinking and happy times!”)

More excerpts from her blog:

“the nice thing about being with your cousins is that you know that no matter what you do, they will always take your side (except when you war against another one of your own, of course. haha). also, because we all grew up around each other, we all know each other a smidge better than other people, so we don’t get wary about talking about weird things, or about confronting them with things that you might not say to other people directly. it’s really quite nice that we’ve all managed to stay bonded over the years, despite the fact that most of us only see each other for special occassions, and never talk in the months between new year and september (my lola and dad’s birthday).”

perfectly said Luj! :D

5 Responses to “Halloween’s Eve :)”

  1. hauuhauha that’s a perfect definition!!! XD
    Here we don’t have halloween :((

  2. This is the reason why I love family :) Aw.

  3. luty: aw why not?
    tiff: yeah! :) i love them! :)

  4. sana next time tell me before you steal stuff from my blog. hahahahahahaha!!

    whoo we had fun! ahlavet!!!!

  5. sabi na nga ba eh…eh! can’t find you online x.x

    yah!! :)

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