Today’s a holiday. At least in the Philippines. Why? Because of theĀ  nationwide Baranggay/ SK Elections. So “go out and vote!”

It’s so sad that I want to skip it. I don’t feel like voting.
I know it’s my moral, political, social duty and imperative to do so as a registered voter of age, but then I think I’m not going to.

It is my personal choice by the way. So I still encourage everyone to go out there and vote. :)

Yesterday after Church, we went out (as usual). This is us (siblings) being vain. Normally it’s my shoti and my shobe (little brother and sister) who are doing this often. So, there. Glad to be clear. :P haha


3 Responses to “Election Holiday”

  1. it’s optional to vote in phillipines? here is optional only whe you’re 16-18 years. XD

  2. I’m sure you went and voted! XD

  3. luty: well it’s our right…but then, not everyone really participates…
    tiff: i didn’t.. bleh:P well, whatever, it was rigged anyway :o

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