So this is what I drank today. The whole bottle all in one sitting :)



Fine…No! I’m just kidding, I finished it in like 6 days? One glass a day.. :P See, red wine’s good for your heart you know. :) hahaha

It was a busy yesterday. I had a UP CSA Executive Council meeting in the morning at Krispy Kremes Greenhills. I returned to UP for my RA work. I went to the launch of the new OS X Leopard in the evening.

I am happy that the meeting went good. Going out of San Juan, I noticed that some people have tied an orange “ribbon around the old oak tree”? I mean they have tied orange ribbons around posts, street lamps, etc. Ousted President Joseph Erap Estrada was scheduled to be released and be given executive clemency by President Arroyo. True enough he was released yesterday. San Juan was rejoicing.

Politicized justice, Backchannelings, and Compromise. :P

It started 9pm - we’re all in the cozy presentation room of iStudio at the Bonifacio High Street branch. There was this really energetic Singaporean engineer from Apple Asia who demonstrated the new cool features of the OS X Leopard. We’re very lucky to be one of the countries to have the OS this early. Some other countries will have it weeks from now. I’m really excited now to get the OS installed on my MacBook :)

After the event at iStudio, my family decided to go to Conti’s to buy some cake..Blueberry Cheesecake :P

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