This one?

Well, not exactly… :P

This Friday, there will be a simultaneous launch of MAC OS X Leopard around the world? Well, at least I know that the Philippines will have it.

See you guys @ iStudio, Serendra, Fort, 9pm! You have to register at iStudio if you’re going. There will be free demo of the OS. I believe some Singaporeans will be there to do that.

There will also be another simultaneous launch by PowerMac @ their Greenbelt branch on the same date.

6 Responses to “a LEOPARD is coming”

  1. I found it in St. Francis square toward the exit by the escalator :P you can look for it if you want~

    Btw useful info for me, I have a friend who’s been so excited about this leopard, thanks! XD

  2. You saw it in St. Francis, wow they’re fast. :)

  3. I was more amazed by the leopard - animal.:P I never knew that there are white leopards!

  4. Cool info. Thanks!


  6. look who’s talking… ;)

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