I wish I visited you before…but circumstances didn’t allow it.
I wish I texted you, to let you know that we’re here for you,
rooting for you, and praying that you would get well soon.
But it’s now too late for that…you’ve passed on; you’ve
gone from this wicked world on to God’s Kingdom.
But I guess that’s better. You are now with Him.
I thank the Lord for true friends like Chris,
whom in the darkest hours, stayed
with you, cheered you, and told
you stories, until the end. I
hope through him, we’ve
brought joy and peace
to you, one way
or another.

I had practice today with the CSA Volleyball Team (Sean, Kirby, Wesley, Harroun, Harrell, Joan, Jayne, Candice, Camille, Melissa, and birthday girl Yvet). Good luck to us and to all the teams of CSA! :)

After resting for quite some time, I had this urge to cook. So I looked at what’s in the kitchen, and found one bottle of aligue (crab fat), some pasta noodles, and a can of chopped tomatoes. What happened after? Well..here’s what happened:


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