I had lunch today with Uncle Peter, who’s back from ShangHai (but will go back this Sunday), at Cabalen in Trinoma, QC. Kog joined us. We had dessert at Toast Box after. :) Thanks for the Pasalubong from India! ;)



Since the people whom I was supposedly going with to watch Click Five backed out, I had the chance to roam around and practically memorize all the shops at Trinoma. I had this chance to follow Click Five and their fans and observe from afar.


The fans were REALLY CRAZY. They’re like lions ever ready to devour a gazelle! Click Five arrived at around 5pm, they played 2 songs to test the sounds. The people began shouting wild.

Around more or less an hour later, they emerged at Human, a clothing store, which is a sponsor of the event. The store was closed down for them. And the fans were outside, yelling, jumping, taking pictures at their every move.