Haven’t I had enough of this mall? Really was tired from all that walking all day yesterday. Well, I think I’m not going there any time soon..

Had our meeting at the food court in Landmark. Ariel, Alvene, Ainna, Clea, Chris Joyce and me were present to discuss induction details. Just a little more, and you guys will be full-fledged members..muwhahaha! See you October 18.


It was Chris’ first time, so had to roam around again. We ended up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for dessert and some coffee. I had the White Chocolate Dream (hot). I love it! It wasn’t that sweet compared to Starbucks. You can taste the kick to it.


We went with Chris to Toys R Us and Hobbes to buy Garrick a board game. Go GAY! :)

I had lunch today with Uncle Peter, who’s back from ShangHai (but will go back this Sunday), at Cabalen in Trinoma, QC. Kog joined us. We had dessert at Toast Box after. :) Thanks for the Pasalubong from India! ;)



Since the people whom I was supposedly going with to watch Click Five backed out, I had the chance to roam around and practically memorize all the shops at Trinoma. I had this chance to follow Click Five and their fans and observe from afar.


The fans were REALLY CRAZY. They’re like lions ever ready to devour a gazelle! Click Five arrived at around 5pm, they played 2 songs to test the sounds. The people began shouting wild.

Around more or less an hour later, they emerged at Human, a clothing store, which is a sponsor of the event. The store was closed down for them. And the fans were outside, yelling, jumping, taking pictures at their every move.


There were around 10 security guards or more guarding them. What more, when they went to the Bench Fix Salon near Human, the girls were going crazy, running and screaming around like wild chimpanzees O_O (ouch, my ears!)

Alas, they started at exactly 7pm, everyone was shouting and cheering eagerly for the band. It was a usual mall show, the sounds were not that good, but I think they’ve pulled it! They’re good, actually.


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