Yehey, So now I’m back…from outer space? o.o Corny… Anyway, I have gone through tons of exams and papers, and I think I am happy to survive them. Just one more exam in PA 108 this coming Thursday and SEMBREAK time begins for me! :)

Here’s another video I got… It’s a short film parody of the fame Ice Age..CUTE!! hehe

6 Responses to “NOW SIGNING IN :)”

  1. Arggggggggh! Last exam tomorrow. And then 2 papers, a portfolio and a final big paper. T__________________________T

    BOOOONG! Arrrrggggggggggggggh!!!!

    Okay, breathe.

  2. HUU-HAH…. breathe in….breathe out… o.o best of luck!!!!!

  3. I willl survive! Love this song!
    the second one is from pixar too?
    Yay! You’re a survivor XD

  4. i dont think so, i think that’s independent.. haha


  5. Good luck with your exams.

  6. thanks a lot! :)

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