We’ve been to the cemetery to visit my grandfather yesterday. Got to catch up with Luj and Tin. Yeah Luj, more face-to-face chats this time around eh?:P I’m excited for tomorrow! Trick or Treat. Kids in costumes. UP YCLC in costumes? :))

HALLOWEEN (according to Luj, meaning: “which we big “kids” call - night of drinking and happy times!”)

More excerpts from her blog:

“the nice thing about being with your cousins is that you know that no matter what you do, they will always take your side (except when you war against another one of your own, of course. haha). also, because we all grew up around each other, we all know each other a smidge better than other people, so we don’t get wary about talking about weird things, or about confronting them with things that you might not say to other people directly. it’s really quite nice that we’ve all managed to stay bonded over the years, despite the fact that most of us only see each other for special occassions, and never talk in the months between new year and september (my lola and dad’s birthday).”

perfectly said Luj! :D

Today’s a holiday. At least in the Philippines. Why? Because of theĀ  nationwide Baranggay/ SK Elections. So “go out and vote!”

It’s so sad that I want to skip it. I don’t feel like voting.
I know it’s my moral, political, social duty and imperative to do so as a registered voter of age, but then I think I’m not going to.

It is my personal choice by the way. So I still encourage everyone to go out there and vote. :)

Yesterday after Church, we went out (as usual). This is us (siblings) being vain. Normally it’s my shoti and my shobe (little brother and sister) who are doing this often. So, there. Glad to be clear. :P haha


So this is what I drank today. The whole bottle all in one sitting :)



Fine…No! I’m just kidding, I finished it in like 6 days? One glass a day.. :P See, red wine’s good for your heart you know. :) hahaha

It was a busy yesterday. I had a UP CSA Executive Council meeting in the morning at Krispy Kremes Greenhills. I returned to UP for my RA work. I went to the launch of the new OS X Leopard in the evening.

I am happy that the meeting went good. Going out of San Juan, I noticed that some people have tied an orange “ribbon around the old oak tree”? I mean they have tied orange ribbons around posts, street lamps, etc. Ousted President Joseph Erap Estrada was scheduled to be released and be given executive clemency by President Arroyo. True enough he was released yesterday. San Juan was rejoicing.

Politicized justice, Backchannelings, and Compromise. :P

It started 9pm - we’re all in the cozy presentation room of iStudio at the Bonifacio High Street branch. There was this really energetic Singaporean engineer from Apple Asia who demonstrated the new cool features of the OS X Leopard. We’re very lucky to be one of the countries to have the OS this early. Some other countries will have it weeks from now. I’m really excited now to get the OS installed on my MacBook :)

After the event at iStudio, my family decided to go to Conti’s to buy some cake..Blueberry Cheesecake :P

This one?

Well, not exactly… :P

This Friday, there will be a simultaneous launch of MAC OS X Leopard around the world? Well, at least I know that the Philippines will have it.

See you guys @ iStudio, Serendra, Fort, 9pm! You have to register at iStudio if you’re going. There will be free demo of the OS. I believe some Singaporeans will be there to do that.

There will also be another simultaneous launch by PowerMac @ their Greenbelt branch on the same date.

I think this perfectly sums up everything I want to say at present.

“If it’s taking up your strength,
ask yourself if it’s worth it…
otherwise, let go.”

Does this mean you’re easily giving up? I guess others may think of it as that. But after much discernment, it’s only right to let go, and move on if it only burdens you more. It means that it’s not for you. With the stroke of luck, some (person, event, career, thing, etc.) much better will come your way. Just be patient.

My lola (grandmother) has a new car! Toyota Avanza MT replaced old ‘90?’91? Honda Civic MT. It can seat up to 8 people, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, because you will really feel the weight when driving. It’s roomy; not as bad as I thought it would (re: space). It’s not on powerlock; it has a back wiper.. rear door can be opened from the inside or using a key outside. Fuel efficient, unleaded.

Haven’t been posting about Kitty for a long time now. Well, I really don’t know what to post actually… not until now, at least. I didn’t know until today that my sister had this new purse/bag. Apparently it was a gift given by Auntie Mapi :)

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