I have a lot of papers and exams lined up for the next 2 weeks, so I might not be able to update as regularly as before. In any case, today I’m happy to finish my Filipino 25 (Ideya at Estilo) Outline and Final Paper.

In other news, AL SALLE, I mean De LA SALLE (DLSU) beat its longtime rival Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) in the Season 70 qualifying game for the finals. Now La Salle will face season undefeated University of the East(UE).

Proof of their rivalry? I give you College jokes (taken from Zim):

Q: What should an Atenean do when a La Sallite hurls a grenade at him?

A: The Atenean should pick up the grenade, pull the firing pin and hurl it back at the La Sallite.

UP: A number of past Philippine presidents graduated from UP. Presidents Roxas, Quirino, Laurel, Garcia and Marcos, to name just a few!

ATENEO: Hah! That’s nothing, a number of Ateneo graduates became national heroes like Jose Rizal, Gen. Gregorio del Pilar, Gen. Antonio Luna, Evelio Javier and many others.

UP: That just goes to show you, UP graduates become presidents and lead countries while Ateneans end up getting shot!

LA SALLE: Wala ‘yan! Talo kayo sa mga gradweyt namin!

UP & ATENEO: Bakit sino ba ang mga graduates ninyo?

LA SALLE: Aba! Marami kaming sikat na gradweyts; si Gary Valenciano, Dingdong Avanzado, Ogie Alcasid, Monsour del Rosario.

Two La Sallites meet on the street and carry on a typical La Sallite conversation:

La Sallite #1: If you can tell me how many chickens I have in this bag, I will give you both of them.

La Sallite #2: Uh, two?

La Sallite #1: Daya mo! You peeked!

I got this from Maki of No Need for Ink,

We just laugh off these jokes. But some, really take them seriously. I wonder who does. :)

Despite all of these, Chris Tiu and TY Tang, basketball stars of Ateneo and La Salle respectively still remain friends. Both are alumni of Xavier School.

I just want to say that it was a nice game, and the break I had from all my work was really worth it! :D

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  1. that is a healthy rivalry XD

  2. Being an alumna of one of those schools, I’m obviously very biased on what I wanted the outcome to be. LOL Oh well… The rivalry’s part of the fun of college life for me.XD

  3. Haha, funny jokes!

  4. I just love that eagle-archer shirt. I’m ordering 2 from a contact. 250php. Don’t buy from ebay kasi 500php. I’ll just give the number of the person if you want to order…ayt? ;) cute shirt talaga hehe

  5. luty: yeah.. haha but but, im glad im not from that school…well not really glad but, i love my school! no questions, #1 in the Philippines.

    shadowcat: where did you graduate?:P hehe i might be cheering for the other school.. haha

    cookie: yeah:P there’s more on the net…

    maki: yey! i would love that! :) ty!

  6. Mahal pa rin 250 XDDD Wahahaha

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