Last May, I posted an entry about Free Hugs. I was telling Tiff that I really wanted to do it here in the Philippines. But apparently, someone beat me to it, and did it recently.

My position still has not changed. I still want to do it! I just need some people to go with me to video (and if you want, give free hugs too..) Any courageous soul? just message me! ;) Here’s the video:

11 Responses to “Free Hugs, Manila”

  1. Sometimes, a hug is all you need. (:

  2. yes i very much agree with that! :) game ka?

  3. aww this is cute… especially in 2:39.
    Im willing to do it if i was still there in the Philippines! haha

  4. uy! haha! glad to hear from you! do it there! in the US? :P

  5. hihi that’s so cool :3

  6. you’re game? :)

  7. Sama mo si chris ng oh! :P Game ako if all you guys are.

  8. I would do it with you superbong! It would be very funny to be hugging the people on the street!!! XD BUt I live too far… but I can make a video here, and you make one there! XD

  9. go! make one there too!! :P

  10. hahaha I want to i want to! game ako! hahaha and was that miguel gonzalez? hahahaha coolness :))

  11. migz? where? :o

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