Yesterday night our family celebrated my grandmother and my uncle’s birthday at Shantung in QC. The food was great (as usual) I love the Shantung Chicken! (it’s the best, I tell you…)


Mimi and Uncle Larry blowing the candle on their cake :)


The cousins! Me, Luj, Justin, Tippi, Achi Denise, Achi Carol, Jen *Picture courtesy of Keith :) (thanks!)


Above: Cousins with Mimi Take 1 (stolen from Achi Denise’s Multiply) Below: More complete cousins with Mimi Take 2! :P


4 Responses to “Shantung Party”

  1. god in that pic from keith i look like justin’s my boyfriend.

    ew pukepukepukepukepuke. hahahahahahahahahahaha

    why is he hugging me like that?! gininaw ba sya??!

  2. Wow, family parties are always sweet. Good for you Superbong. XD

  3. Yan ba yung Spring something na resto? Haha

  4. Shantung tiff, not springdeer:o hehe!

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