Who would have known that Mark Wu and I would be in a film with one of Philippines’ premiere best actors?

Yes. It’s Bembol Roco.


Ma’am Enuh asked me if I could be the person to play the Chinese man who was killed in the end. I was a bit hesitant because 1. I’m not confident with my acting skills (if I have one, to begin with) 2. I have class the next day.

With some convincing powers of Kints and Ma’am Iglesias.. I gave in. Deep inside me, I said to myself, I want to try something new.

Kints texted me later, “Dala k lng ng boxers.:)” (Just bring boxers)

I replied: “I’m not sure if I have boxers…”

Kints: “De briefs nlng.” (Briefs instead.”)

Me: “Uhh what for?:o”

Kints: “Don’t worry, it isn’t graphic.”

Kints told me that I wasn’t playing the Chinese guy anymore.


So I asked Mark Wu and Ma’am Anna Iglesias to come with me to the shoot. I must admit that I was really nervous. Kints texted me the morning of the shooting day to just bring normal clothes instead. What a relief.

Mark and I arrived at Kamias QC, and to my utter shock, the previous scene that I should be playing was a “gang bang” scene. O_o (So to the CSA people, who Chris Ng was telling that I’m starring in a pornographic movie, be assured that he’s just REALLY joking. I’m glad to make that clear)

I’m really relieved that I wasn’t included in that sensitive…sensual…scene. I played a drunken, sing-a-long/videoke guy who was beaten up by Bembol Roco’s character.

We arrived at the small carinderia (cafeteria-like stall in the informal settlements) with a videoke machine. I started being hysterical and crazy pretending to be drunk and singing. I hit Ligaya (the female lead role) and Bembol went to me and hit me with a bottle of beer. He threw the beer to the floor (which shattered near my feet o.o) and hit me with the microphone after. WHEW.

“Nung binasag yung bote for real at naramdaman ko yung talsik ng beer, for real ang reaction ko. shock and awe. woohoo! WAZAK!” (After the bottle was shattered, and I felt the beer splashed and hit my feet, my reaction was for real. shock and awe…) quoted from Ma’am Anna’s blog.

I got a lot of little wounds from the “shrapnels” that hit my legs (Why didn’t I wear pants instead of shorts. argh.) and from falling down on my knees and elbows on the dirty ground (eww)

Mark had the role of a holdaper (robber in the jeep) but sadly I wasn’t there to see what did they do to him. Mark said that he was pushed to the ground of the jeep by Bembol. That I want to see. :)

Watch out for the premiere of the movie. But I’m not that sure when it will be showed here. I heard that it will be screened first in an international film thing. :| haha!

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