From Newsbreak, Businessman Jose de Venecia III revealed today that First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is the “mystery man” involved in the controversial national broadband deal.

In Ricky Carandang’s blog, there was a statement coming from House Speaker de Venecia, the father of the businessman who brought up this issue, and it reads:

The national interest is foremost in the current Senate inquiry on the proposed national broadband network.My son appeared before the joint Senate hearings in his own right as a stockholder of the Amsterdam Holdings, Inc.

He has assumed full responsibility before the joint committees for his actions and revelations, which he provided under oath. In the course of his testimony, he named the First Gentleman, Miguel Arroyo, as telling him to back off the NBN program. The First Gentleman has every right to come forward and air his side on the issue.

It’s now for the Senate to determine if Jose de Venecia III was straightforward in telling the unvarnished truth. My son has his own moral principles to guide him. He is his own man, strong enough to stand up for them.

In this issue, both my son and the First Gentleman must be transparent to our people.

The people have the right to know the truth, nothing less. Only the truth…the truth.

You may want to listen to the Senate probe and the official statement under oath of Mr. de Venecia here.

A lot of questions were left unanswered. I know that you and I have these questions in mind. Why did First Gentleman leave on the eve of the Senate probe? What’s the role of President Arroyo in all of these? Etc. Now, I am very interested in following this news from this day on. I really hope this issue be scrutinized and be dealt with with severity.

I certainly don’t want to pay for the money the government will be loaning (if this pushes through) from China. I’m sure that it will be the people’s burden. Why is that? If they’re making decisions, we’re not included. If it’s time to pay, then that’s the time they’ll include us!? :(

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