At last! I can now say that I have eaten in the famous Italian cafeteria/ resto Amici di Don Bosco in Makati. After church at Victory, Fort, we decided to finally try out Amici.

One of my personal favorites, and a house best seller, the picture below is the Cannelloni Agli Spinaci (P.165) which contains spinach, tomato sauce, bechamel sauce with mixed cheese in a lasagna style presentation.


Al Quttro Formaggi (P.250), which means four cheeses, is the pizza we ordered. We really loved it.

The last dish that we ordered was the House Specials Roast Chicken (P.150). Rosemary chicken quarters with vegetables. Everything we ate were very good.


After eating, we ordered their famous Gelato (Top: Stracciatella - Vanilla with Chocolate Chips, Left: Crocantino - nuts with rum, Right: Cioccolato - Special House Chocolate) My personal favorite out of the three is the Crocantino! :) mmm..




7 Responses to “Amici di Don Bosco”

  1. My brother always talk about that restaurant. He said the food is really great and the serving sizes are big. I want to eat there one of these days. XD

  2. The pictures are so tempting! Great now I am hungry hahaha must eat there again sometime

  3. fairlady: yeah! very yummy food! :)

    patrick: pictures are really tempting! :P haha! csa eat out at amici? :))

  4. Bong! Why is it that every time I visit your blog, I become hungry?:P

  5. Booooong! You told me you’d give me cake for my birthday! :( Now I want ice cream! Your fault!

  6. ohhhh I feel so hungry now….

  7. iheartbadtz: lol! coz my blog’s yummy? o.o hahaha:))

    tiffy: lets eat at amici sometime, my treat? :)

    luty: wee? :) haha

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