I am very happy that efforts of putting up a livelihood program are well on their way, and are making results in Southern Leyte, as I blog.

More than 500,000 pesos in cash and kind have been donated to the victims in Leyte, and we’re giving them sustainable resource.

I know that what we started during my time was continued during the past 2 years by the Student Council and the Drives Committee. Recently, I have read that the Xavier School has once again actively reacted to the victims of calamities in the Philippines. I am happy to leave that legacy in Xavier.

Now, I can’t express how happy I am to see its fruits until today. I can’t express my gratitude to the Xaverians who continue to believe in public service.

Jann Sy, Features Associate Editor of Stallion, the official publication of Xavier High School wrote something about it.

Change the World:Project bEgay

“How do we change the world? One act of random kindness at a time.” – from the movie Evan Almighty

Too late? It’s never too late to help those in need. Victims are victims, regardless of when they were afflicted and where they are now. In light of this, the Student Council, along with Mr. Boom Enriquez of the HS Filipino department, has taken the initiative to ignite the student body’s sense of social responsibility.

bEgay02In order to alleviate the suffering caused by typhoon “Egay,” and its predecessors, “Chedeng” and “Dodong,” the Student Council has once again launched “Project Donate To Aid”, commonly known as “Project DoTA.” The project, launched last September 5, is aimed to assuage the already poverty stricken community around us by collecting donations for the benefit of these victims.

This year’s project is entitled “bEgay,” which is word play on bigay, a Filipino word that literally translates into “give,” and typhoon “Egay.” Since the project is focused on giving, the SC decided to take a risk by using DoTA bottles and DoTA pails, instead of the conventional cans. Through DoTA pails, one may donate canned goods, clothes, toiletries and the like, while DoTa bottles are simply for money. These innovative ideas gravitate around the idea, “More than money, the victims of ‘Egay’ need food, clothes, and other concrete materials.”

bEgay03In addition to these two novel concepts, the Student Council also has a program entitled “DoTA All Stars Shootout.” This program is aimed at those basketball enthusiasts who wish to donate a few pesos to help out and have a good time playing their favorite sport. This “Shootout” will be held at the HS Gym, cost P20 each to play for 30 seconds, and will last throughout this whole week. During these 30 seconds, students will be given the chance to shoot as many baskets as they can. Meanwhile, the shootout finals will be held the following week for the students who shot the most baskets during the previous one.

When asked about the success of the project, SC External Vice President, Martin De Joya, simply said, “I hope that we all give as much as we can, all for the right reasons,” and added, “I can’t really expect a lot from each one, but I just hope that everyone gives even just a small contribution.”

ibEgay04He also hopes that after the two weeks, on September 22, the day the project ends, the Xavier community would have given its all and would have raised more than P10,000 and hundreds of canned goods and other necessities.

What do you say, Xavier community? Can we change the world? Will we be able to accomplish this monumental task? The answer is in your hands. Hopefully, the answer is YES.

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