Harriette with “her” new accessory - the gun!

Last year, in our batch project for UPCSA, Harriette, a grade school student from ICA (Immaculate Conception Academy) playfully grazed the UP campus.

This year, she’s back in the same activity (UPCSA Rummage sale) as a high school student of the same school! Apparently, she’s out for the kill, with her hostage, the pink bear.

Spot the hidden kitty!!!


Picture from UP CSA Rummage Sale @ Fairview

8 Responses to “The Return of Harriette”

  1. lol

  2. I could NOT stop laughing when I saw that yesterday. =)) =))

  3. hahahahhaha! more pics will be available when sean tiu posts them! XD

  4. She?!

  5. :)) lol

  6. ohohohohohoho! ^o^

  7. Tingal: It’s spellbinder XD Dressing up.

  8. yeah spellbinder it is! ahahaha freaky eh?

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