I have a lot of papers and exams lined up for the next 2 weeks, so I might not be able to update as regularly as before. In any case, today I’m happy to finish my Filipino 25 (Ideya at Estilo) Outline and Final Paper.

In other news, AL SALLE, I mean De LA SALLE (DLSU) beat its longtime rival Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) in the Season 70 qualifying game for the finals. Now La Salle will face season undefeated University of the East(UE).

Proof of their rivalry? I give you College jokes (taken from Zim):

Q: What should an Atenean do when a La Sallite hurls a grenade at him?

A: The Atenean should pick up the grenade, pull the firing pin and hurl it back at the La Sallite.

UP: A number of past Philippine presidents graduated from UP. Presidents Roxas, Quirino, Laurel, Garcia and Marcos, to name just a few!

ATENEO: Hah! That’s nothing, a number of Ateneo graduates became national heroes like Jose Rizal, Gen. Gregorio del Pilar, Gen. Antonio Luna, Evelio Javier and many others.

UP: That just goes to show you, UP graduates become presidents and lead countries while Ateneans end up getting shot!

LA SALLE: Wala ‘yan! Talo kayo sa mga gradweyt namin!

UP & ATENEO: Bakit sino ba ang mga graduates ninyo?

LA SALLE: Aba! Marami kaming sikat na gradweyts; si Gary Valenciano, Dingdong Avanzado, Ogie Alcasid, Monsour del Rosario.

Two La Sallites meet on the street and carry on a typical La Sallite conversation:

La Sallite #1: If you can tell me how many chickens I have in this bag, I will give you both of them.

La Sallite #2: Uh, two?

La Sallite #1: Daya mo! You peeked!

I got this from Maki of No Need for Ink,

We just laugh off these jokes. But some, really take them seriously. I wonder who does. :)

Despite all of these, Chris Tiu and TY Tang, basketball stars of Ateneo and La Salle respectively still remain friends. Both are alumni of Xavier School.

I just want to say that it was a nice game, and the break I had from all my work was really worth it! :D

Last May, I posted an entry about Free Hugs. I was telling Tiff that I really wanted to do it here in the Philippines. But apparently, someone beat me to it, and did it recently.

My position still has not changed. I still want to do it! I just need some people to go with me to video (and if you want, give free hugs too..) Any courageous soul? just message me! ;) Here’s the video:

中秋節 (zhōng qiū jié), Mid-Autumn Festival or more commonly known as Mooncake Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. This year, it falls today!

With its goal to foster more meaningful relationships between the Chinese and Filipino people and to bring Chinese culture within the University of the Philippines, Diliman, the UP Chinese Student Association had its Mooncake celebration these past 2 days.

We had a booth in the AS Walk, where anyone in UP can participate by paying a small fee, rolling the dice, and getting a chance to win several prizes or the Php 1,000 Zhuangyuan prize! :) (Raein won! Libre! :P )

On the other hand, last Friday, we had the apps talents night at Sean’s house. After which, we had our organization’s Mooncake celebration. Although I didn’t even win the Girbaud wallet or the Mango Rum, or the 1,000 prize, it was really fun! (I have to say that the Mango Rum tastes good.) Hi Aw, if you’re reading this send me some, eh? :D hehe



快樂! :)

*Pictures by Sean Tiu 


Yesterday night our family celebrated my grandmother and my uncle’s birthday at Shantung in QC. The food was great (as usual) I love the Shantung Chicken! (it’s the best, I tell you…)


Mimi and Uncle Larry blowing the candle on their cake :)


The cousins! Me, Luj, Justin, Tippi, Achi Denise, Achi Carol, Jen *Picture courtesy of Keith :) (thanks!)


Above: Cousins with Mimi Take 1 (stolen from Achi Denise’s Multiply) Below: More complete cousins with Mimi Take 2! :P


Who would have known that Mark Wu and I would be in a film with one of Philippines’ premiere best actors?

Yes. It’s Bembol Roco.


Ma’am Enuh asked me if I could be the person to play the Chinese man who was killed in the end. I was a bit hesitant because 1. I’m not confident with my acting skills (if I have one, to begin with) 2. I have class the next day.

With some convincing powers of Kints and Ma’am Iglesias.. I gave in. Deep inside me, I said to myself, I want to try something new.

Kints texted me later, “Dala k lng ng boxers.:)” (Just bring boxers)

I replied: “I’m not sure if I have boxers…”

Kints: “De briefs nlng.” (Briefs instead.”)

Me: “Uhh what for?:o”

Kints: “Don’t worry, it isn’t graphic.”

Kints told me that I wasn’t playing the Chinese guy anymore.


So I asked Mark Wu and Ma’am Anna Iglesias to come with me to the shoot. I must admit that I was really nervous. Kints texted me the morning of the shooting day to just bring normal clothes instead. What a relief.

Mark and I arrived at Kamias QC, and to my utter shock, the previous scene that I should be playing was a “gang bang” scene. O_o (So to the CSA people, who Chris Ng was telling that I’m starring in a pornographic movie, be assured that he’s just REALLY joking. I’m glad to make that clear)

I’m really relieved that I wasn’t included in that sensitive…sensual…scene. I played a drunken, sing-a-long/videoke guy who was beaten up by Bembol Roco’s character.

We arrived at the small carinderia (cafeteria-like stall in the informal settlements) with a videoke machine. I started being hysterical and crazy pretending to be drunk and singing. I hit Ligaya (the female lead role) and Bembol went to me and hit me with a bottle of beer. He threw the beer to the floor (which shattered near my feet o.o) and hit me with the microphone after. WHEW.

“Nung binasag yung bote for real at naramdaman ko yung talsik ng beer, for real ang reaction ko. shock and awe. woohoo! WAZAK!” (After the bottle was shattered, and I felt the beer splashed and hit my feet, my reaction was for real. shock and awe…) quoted from Ma’am Anna’s blog.

I got a lot of little wounds from the “shrapnels” that hit my legs (Why didn’t I wear pants instead of shorts. argh.) and from falling down on my knees and elbows on the dirty ground (eww)

Mark had the role of a holdaper (robber in the jeep) but sadly I wasn’t there to see what did they do to him. Mark said that he was pushed to the ground of the jeep by Bembol. That I want to see. :)

Watch out for the premiere of the movie. But I’m not that sure when it will be showed here. I heard that it will be screened first in an international film thing. :| haha!

From Newsbreak, Businessman Jose de Venecia III revealed today that First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is the “mystery man” involved in the controversial national broadband deal.

In Ricky Carandang’s blog, there was a statement coming from House Speaker de Venecia, the father of the businessman who brought up this issue, and it reads:

The national interest is foremost in the current Senate inquiry on the proposed national broadband network.My son appeared before the joint Senate hearings in his own right as a stockholder of the Amsterdam Holdings, Inc.

He has assumed full responsibility before the joint committees for his actions and revelations, which he provided under oath. In the course of his testimony, he named the First Gentleman, Miguel Arroyo, as telling him to back off the NBN program. The First Gentleman has every right to come forward and air his side on the issue.

It’s now for the Senate to determine if Jose de Venecia III was straightforward in telling the unvarnished truth. My son has his own moral principles to guide him. He is his own man, strong enough to stand up for them.

In this issue, both my son and the First Gentleman must be transparent to our people.

The people have the right to know the truth, nothing less. Only the truth…the truth.

You may want to listen to the Senate probe and the official statement under oath of Mr. de Venecia here.

A lot of questions were left unanswered. I know that you and I have these questions in mind. Why did First Gentleman leave on the eve of the Senate probe? What’s the role of President Arroyo in all of these? Etc. Now, I am very interested in following this news from this day on. I really hope this issue be scrutinized and be dealt with with severity.

I certainly don’t want to pay for the money the government will be loaning (if this pushes through) from China. I’m sure that it will be the people’s burden. Why is that? If they’re making decisions, we’re not included. If it’s time to pay, then that’s the time they’ll include us!? :(

*Picture from newsbreak.com.ph

At last! I can now say that I have eaten in the famous Italian cafeteria/ resto Amici di Don Bosco in Makati. After church at Victory, Fort, we decided to finally try out Amici.

One of my personal favorites, and a house best seller, the picture below is the Cannelloni Agli Spinaci (P.165) which contains spinach, tomato sauce, bechamel sauce with mixed cheese in a lasagna style presentation.


Al Quttro Formaggi (P.250), which means four cheeses, is the pizza we ordered. We really loved it.

The last dish that we ordered was the House Specials Roast Chicken (P.150). Rosemary chicken quarters with vegetables. Everything we ate were very good.


After eating, we ordered their famous Gelato (Top: Stracciatella - Vanilla with Chocolate Chips, Left: Crocantino - nuts with rum, Right: Cioccolato - Special House Chocolate) My personal favorite out of the three is the Crocantino! :) mmm..




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