Before going to Binondo to fetch my A-ma, my family ate lunch at Aristocrat along Roxas Boulevard. Nothing beats this place! I love their Sotanghon Soup (Vermicelli with chicken broth, chicken bits, fish sauce, and all those ingredients I’m not sure of), and of course, the house favorite, Chicken BBQ. Oh! Don’t forget their peanut sauce (which they’re famous for..). Am I making you hungry now? Now, here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!


Above: Sotanghon Soup; Lower Right: Clam Chowder; Lower Left: Artistocrat’s Famous Peanut Sauce

P1010299 P1010302 P1010304 

Above: Pork Spareribs Below: Chicken BBQ


Jade, my Shih Tzu, won First Place for her category (6-9 months) - that’s because she didn’t have any competitor. (haha!) The good part there is when she was put onto the table for judging, the wife of the judge went right up from her seat, and took her picture! (aww.. :) ) The judge said she’s very great but she lacks training. (Yeah, she hasn’t had that much training yet..sadly..) She didn’t win overall in the Shih Tzu Group after (because all her competitors were much older and had longer hair/coat than her…) Oh well, that’s just fine. It’s another experience for her. Untill the next competition! ;)  

P1010287 P1010289 P1010291

Raein tagged me, so I’m doing this…

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.

1. Appreciation Day 2005 - It was my first big project (as far as I can remember) in Xavier. We planned to give the teachers one academy award theme show - with them as superstar! Planning the event itself wasn’t that bad. Even though we haven’t had time to do a dry-run before the event itself… ;) Well, I had the best people in my committee! (Theodore Efann, Charles Yu, Geraldson Chua, Christopher Yu, Sherwin Su, Carl Cue, Earl Tanmantiong, Victorino Floro, and Pancho Nibungco, Prod Crew, Glee Club, Stallion, CAdT and Dance X) Plus Mr. Aragon! :) What more can you ask for? Whole day, and night, and the morning before the event, we worked hard to bring the best Appreciation Day we could give our teachers. The all-nighter proved to be worth all of what happened the day itself! It was a blast! :)



Appreciation Day 2005, A-Day 2005: Buhay-Superstar!Men Deserving of Honor, Naaayon at Napapanahong Parangal

2. ABS-CBN Escapades - I am an avid fan of DZMM Pasada 6 30! One day I had sent a text message regarding a prevalent issue that time, then after several hours, I received a call from no less than Karen Davila herself. I did what has to be done. I got her the contact I promised. The production of The Correspondents episode came, and it was all over. I thank her for that single episode - I got to see how they really work. Plus, I got a free tour with matching “Hi (this and this personality), this is Brian… from Xavier” and I got to watch Insider live. You couldn’t blame me, I was star-struck.


3. SUBICation I and II - Subication! Road trip, classmates, Brother Haw, food, beach, cookout, overnight, games, food again, booze, more booze, ghosts, and a whole lot of fun! Ingredients to one heck of an outing during our 3rd year (which was repeated during our 4th year with Mendy) I miss those days. I miss my high school classmates! I hope we do this again sometime soon. What you guys think? ;) 


4. Family Outings - I love going to beaches. Yes. My family, and our “dog-show days” friends never fail to go out at least once a year to celebrate and enjoy the company of each other. Last 2005 it think, we went to SandBar beach resort in Puerto Gallera. No it is not like the infamous White Beach where all the “happenings” are, but, it’s more of the solitary, tranquil scene there. I love it! The atmosphere, the beach, the water.. everything! When we went there, it was just a few months open, I heard that today, it’s all nicer and cooler there. I hope I can go back there soon. :D

Sandbar Puerto Gallera.32Sandbar Puerto Gallera.Windsurfing.2

5. Christmas, Birthdays and Reunions with Cousins - Every Christmas, New Year, Birthday of my Lola, and other birthdays, we always celebrate it either at my lola’s house, or at each others’ houses. We stay up until 1, 2, 3 am or until our parents get tired talking or gossiping all night long. It’s really fun. I get to spend time with my cousins… either playing cards, drinking, adventuring, or whatever stuff we think of. I love them! XD hehe


I tag: Sean, Aldwin, Renz and Therese

今天我希望練習寫中文…在看 Tiffany 的日記以後, 我試試看如果我能寫中文吧!現在真的很困難! 我忘記了怎麼寫好中文句子.

在 Tiff 的日記, 她說 ”誰會講中文用中文回答吧!” 悝


晚上好! 再見! ;)

UProject’s first interview is Sitti Navarro, bossa nova singer, graduated Business Economics from UP School of Economics.


Sitti: Whatever your passions are, whatever your passions were, even before college, ‘dun at ‘dun din kayo babagsak (you’ll definitely end up there), that’s what I’ve learned.

Crisette: You think you want to be doing this for the rest of your life? Like Singing…

Sitti: I’ll only do singing, I’ll still do singing only if it doesn’t feel work…But at the time it feels like work, I’ll stop.

Ria: How did you decide to take up B.E. (Business Economics) What’s the story behind that?

Sitti: You know how UP applications are done early in the year…When I was in high school, I enjoyed everything. I enjoyed all my subjects. So I asked my mom to pick a course for me. It was my lolo (grandfather) who picked my course. BE was my first choice then the second choice was Com Eng (Communications Engineering)…You can just imagine how my brain…I wasn’t really decided on anything. 

Ria: Because that what a common problem we want to address. A lot of students don’t really know yet at that stage… So would you say that you felt that way also?

Sitti: Yes definitely. But that’s okay, you’re only 16 then. What am I suppose to do? Everything will fall into place, just be patient. Just be patient. If you feel troubled. It’s okay to feel troubled. No one knows for sure, if you’re in the right course…or if you’re taking the right path. You just learn a long the way…and there are signs a long the way. Bigla akong nagkaroon ng record deal (I get offered a record deal). I think I should sing. Okay, I’ll try singing. E okay ‘yung album. (The album’s okay) I think ill go for another album. Don’t force anything, but do your best!


For the video of the interview, check out UPROJECT Website.


Celebrate over two decades of Bukas Palad music and ministry with Bukas Palad’s newest double album, filled with 20 songs of praise and of prayer.

The Bukas Palad Music Ministry and the Jesuit Music Ministry of Jesuit Communications Foundation invite everyone to a prayer concert commemorating the release of Bukas Palad’s latest album, HINDI KITA MALILIMUTAN at the Ateneo de Manila University Church of the Gesu, Saturday, August 25, 2007, 7pm Admission is free.


The album will be on sale at the album launch, at a special discounted price of P350 (regular price P400). Pre-orders are also accepted, and special discounts are available for bulk orders. For more information, please call Jesuit Communications at (+63-2-426-5971 or visit http://www.bukaspalad.com or http://bukaspalad20.multiply.com.

Hindi Kita Malilimutan 2007

1.Give the Lord Glory  2.Kanlungan  3.Iyung-Iyo  4.Pagsamo Kay San Jose  5.Sa Batong Ito  6.Panginoon ng Aking Buhay  7.Good It Is to Give Thanks  8.Pauwi Na  9.The Love of God Endures Forevermore  10Hindi Kita Malilimutan (multi-dialect)  11David’s Praises  12My Only Treasure  13Believe  14A Time for Everything  15Ang Pupuno Sa Akin  16Hesus, Aking Kaibigan  17No Better Rest (Xavier’s Theme)  18Hangganan  19Biyaheng Langit  20Now You’re Healed 

IMG_4168 copy

One of my high school classmates and friend, TJ Simeon is a Tenor in the Album! Way to go Teej! :) May I please have your autograph on my album? ;) 


Classes in all levels were called off today at 9:15 a.m. Apparently, they announced late again - when students are having their morning classes already. What more, it never rained hard after they announced. (well at least around UP-Fairview area) *Wake up people!* 

You may track the storm at Typhoon 2000 website, or at Weather Underground.

Catch the latest update at PAGASA-DOST Weather Forecast or at Inquirer Online.


It’s official! SM Hypermarket will be holding another Taste Asia Blogger Meet-up event this coming August 23, 2007! Yay for FREE food!

What: The Second Taste Asia Blogger Meet-up Event!
When: August 23, 2007, Thursday, 7:30 pm
Where: Taste Asia (beside SM Hypermarket), located at SM Mall of Asia
Who: All bloggers in the Pinoy Blogosphere!

Get a chance to taste some of the most sumptuous Taste Asia delicacies for free! You could also meet the bloggers you have been dying to meet offline!

They are inviting 500 bloggers to attend the said event (That’s a lot of hungry stomachs to fill), and they want YOU!

So if you didn’t get a chance to attend the first one, now is your chance to do so! So what are you waiting for? Sign up on any of the coordinators found on Aileen Apollo’s blog!

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