Val, Shereen, Jan Mike, Pam and I went to the Senate in GSIS building earlier to interview Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero for UPROJECT, an organization in UP Diliman.

We arrived there on time! (thanks to Jan Mike’s driving skills). We waited, and waited, because he was still in a committee hearing. Val and I toured the senators’ rooms to get their contact numbers. We managed to get Senator Pia and Allan Peter Cayetano’s. (We should’ve gotten Arroyo’s, Angara’s, Enrille’s, and all those UP alumnus..I didn’t know that they were from UP.)

We went back to the office of Sen. Escudero, and waited again, talking about anything really, to pass time. I had to go ahead because I have a previous meeting set at the Office of the Vice President.


Jan Mike drove me to the PNB Building, but first, we detoured to Jollibee to buy food. It was already 3pm, Pam, JM, Shereen and I haven’t eaten yet, and are REALLY STARVING! Talk about Pam saying “Cheese Whiz, Cheese Curls, Cheese blah blah blah.”

I went down at the entrance of PNB, and went through the whole security clearance process all over again. My classmates were already there. We went up to the 7th floor and got inside the “Office of the Vice President of the Philippines”. Security was wow! Finger print, digital number code system. Well not really that “amazing” compared to other countries, but still…

We were asked to wait in the Vice President’s Briefing Office where he meets the cabinet, and HUDCC/ Housing authorities.


Atty. Jessie Andres, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff did our briefing, and answered all our concerns regarding Philippine Administrative System (with regards to the Office of the Vice President - Executive Branch).

We had these microphones, the ones used in cabinet meetings, senate sessions, and all those government stuff. :))

We were all amazed when no less than the Vice President emerged out of a not so noticeable door. The room we are in had a connection with the real Office of the Vice President. It’s a double room, with a concealed (not so concealed after it opened for Noli) door.

He didn’t stay that long. We just took pictures, talked for a while, and then he left. He’s such a busy person perhaps.

We have his nephew (our classmate, and my batch mate in UP) to thank for arranging all of this. Atty Andres told us that this was a FIRST ever thing, that they allowed students to visit and tour the office of the VP! Cool huh? XD


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  1. She kept saying cheeze because of Chiz? :D Cute!

  2. that’s really cool! you look so important on his office!XD

  3. Yeah! And phototaking is allowed in there?!

  4. Tiff: Yes and NO. She kept on saying cheese because she’s very hungry and we haven’t eaten at that time yet. :o

    Luty: hehe I hope I can work there someday :)

    Tingal: Uhm. yup! they allowed us :)

  5. we were HUNGRILY waiting for Chiz…got so hungry i was thinking of CHEEZE whiz, CHEEZE curls…CHEEZE except Chiz hahaha!!! bong just had to mention this…..XD

  6. hahaha! yes yes hungrily waiting.. :)) what!? i found it funny! hahhaah

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