Photo and Art by: Joseph Cheng

Earlier this day around 1.3 million senior high school students took the NCAE or the National College Admission Examinations to help them find what course they are most inclined to or fit for. According to DepEd or the Department of Education, it’s just an aptitude test that will help students and their parents to find the right courses for college.

But what if the NCAE looks something like this? And believe me, a lot of the students (mostly from the private schools) saw these really funny, as they took their exams early this morning.

Does this translate to what kind of education the Philippines has? I really hope not. The government obviously can’t do well in some project like this… what more in our electoral processes, our taxes, etc.? :(

6 Responses to “DepEd to be blamed?”

  1. Lol. It’s just that, if students cheat on NCAE, what more sa others? And… hindi magiging accurate yung results, right? :P

  2. but cheating is everwhere! :S unfortunately….

  3. is it just me or is there something ooky about the grammar in that particular statement? parang ipinupukpok sa utak mo na “CHEATING IS BAD. CHEATING IS REALLY BAD. DON’T CHEAT. CHEATERS GO TO HELL.” hahahaha

    pero funny nga, the thought of cheating on an aptitude test.

  4. I took that test last year. Kindof walang kwenta. I remember we were worried it would be so hard pa. :)) If THAT’s what our high school seniors are supposed to be capable of, POOR US.

  5. yeah…well you can’t cheat…and shouldn’t have cheated..coz it’s not an achievement test…it only shows what college course you’re best fit to go into… :P hahaha yeah. REALLY BAD GRAMMAR

  6. really bad grammar? where? :P

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