I finally saw the new 5-floor Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street in The Fort. First of all, the building is simplistic and sleek, far from any other branch they have. Well this is the only branch they have with 4 floors or housed in a separate building. Usually it’s inside the mall (i.e., Promenade, Rockwell, etc.)

The moment you enter you’ll be amazed at the arrangement and design of the interior. Having my MacBook with me, I hurriedly went to the 3rd floor, where Starbucks is located. I tried using Fully Booked’s Wi-Fi, but it had a password to be able to use it. I’m not sure if it’s given to the customers, but I managed to enter the right password. Free Internet connection! :)

Having Starbucks inside the bookstore is also a first! Customers may have a sip of their favorite frappuccino while browsing through the shelves. There are tons of books about anything you can imagine. Books galore. I love the place!

When you reach the topmost floor, you get greeted with the assortment of CDs, DVDs, Art and Photography books. The basement, on the other hand, has all the comics, anime, action figures, and office supplies.

12 Responses to “Frappuccino and Tons of Books”

  1. Oh, My!!!! This is my kind of place!!! What I wouldn’t give to live in a more progressive town!

  2. Cool!

  3. chryssy: yeah i know! now, i love to go back there soon! :P

    tingal: really cool! XD wah…i could spend the whole day inside…

  4. I’ve been there. That place is HUGE.

  5. Heehee! Just give me a box of crackers and a huge bottle of water, and I could stay there for days!^_^

  6. cookie: yeah! :P cool eh?

    iheartbadtz: hehe.alright.. can i come?

  7. I hate you. sinasabi mo na di kita sinasabihan about the chiz thing. When in fact! you didn’t tell me about this one! :(

    (hey, i already posted a comment, it’s not showing :( acccck. what happened? is your moderation thing on? :()

  8. huh? what comment? i didn’t tell you what? o.o

  9. about this bookstore :) and my previous comment didn’t show :P hahaha. kaya i had to rewrite it pero sabog. hahaha

  10. Hey superbong! I’ve been to the Fully Booked branch at bonifacio high street during their soft opening. I wasn’t too impressed maybe because there were still a lot of empty book shelves. I did find their arts and photography section very interesting. A lot of new books.

    Your entry makes me want to go back and check it out again!

  11. Tiff: ah.. icic..thats weird..

    marvinm: wow :) but yeah, their shelves are full now…they’ve tons of books…and the arts and photography section in the topmost floor really has a lot of interesting books!

  12. Bong, A different Bookstore is better than fully booked hahaha :D

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