I finally saw the new 5-floor Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street in The Fort. First of all, the building is simplistic and sleek, far from any other branch they have. Well this is the only branch they have with 4 floors or housed in a separate building. Usually it’s inside the mall (i.e., Promenade, Rockwell, etc.)

The moment you enter you’ll be amazed at the arrangement and design of the interior. Having my MacBook with me, I hurriedly went to the 3rd floor, where Starbucks is located. I tried using Fully Booked’s Wi-Fi, but it had a password to be able to use it. I’m not sure if it’s given to the customers, but I managed to enter the right password. Free Internet connection! :)

Having Starbucks inside the bookstore is also a first! Customers may have a sip of their favorite frappuccino while browsing through the shelves. There are tons of books about anything you can imagine. Books galore. I love the place!

When you reach the topmost floor, you get greeted with the assortment of CDs, DVDs, Art and Photography books. The basement, on the other hand, has all the comics, anime, action figures, and office supplies.

Congratulations to you guys who voted for me! I emerged 2nd in talksmart’s Filipino Blog of the Week, week 70 awards. Here’s to you guys who visited, voted, consistently voted, and asked people to vote (to the point that I almost dragged you to vote? Did I? I hope not.. hehe).

Here’s my prize:


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I really appreciate how you guys supported my blog, even for some who didn’t really knew what’s it for.  Thank you! :P

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