Yes! I have a new MacBook! I’m very happy to have finally bought a laptop on my own. Hard work really pays off. I really want to use it now, and explore (cause I’m currently Mac dumb - haha) but I have a lot on my hands. I still have to finish my 10-page Filipino 25 Bayan Paper (paper about my province) that’s due this Tuesday. Sad.

As Krisha says, “Welcome to the Mac Family!”. I guess I have the whole weekend to rejoice (after my paper..)

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  1. Hi. You won 2nd place in the Filipino Blog of the Week award poll. You can claim ur award by visiting my site. And oh, your blog is still on for this week’s poll :-)


  2. Congrats on the new Mac! I’m a semi-Mac head myself. Semi because I don’t actually own one. But I prefer it over Linux and over Windows It’s Mac over Linux over Windows for me! Lol. Vista is just major cowcrap. HAHAHA

  3. Thanks thanks! I’m getting the hang of this already… hahaha but yeah, i need to explore even more… and yeah, no vista or windows in my mac! blargh! ^^

  4. talksmart: yey! thanks thanks! :D

  5. Hmm, why did you choose MAC?

  6. hmm… i want a different OS..and i think that ill enjoy it… well i’m enjoying the process of figuring out how things work in my laptop :)

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