Three out of 10 children, ages 0 to five years old, in the Philippines are suffering from chronic malnutrition and are underweight, under height and stunted in growth. This is according to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

This is also the problem which Hapag-Asa, a flagship project of the Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation headed by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales and the Assisi Development Foundation, hopes to significantly address.


The Hapag-Asa Program aims to alleviate extreme hunger among poor Filipino children. Its four major components: supplemental feeding, health education, spiritual formation and livelihood.


Since it was launched in late 2005, Hapag-Asa, has “graduated” 6,000 malnourished children and currently enrols 65,000 undernourished children in 37 dioceses nationwide.

As they say, the life of this program is its volunteers.

Some applicants of the UP Chinese Student Association went there yesterday to volunteer and feed these children.



5 Responses to “Hapag-Asa”

  1. Cute girl, lol.

    I’m just glad I’m part of the 7/10 :(

  2. Did you went there?
    yeah… that’s a really tough reality… :(
    But that’s a really great initiative… does the government support it?

  3. this is really developmental. i’m so glad there are people who advocate children’s health.

  4. Luty: Yeah I went there… I plan to go on a regular basis..

    The Philippine Catholic Church is behind it… and a foundation… sadly, no. The Philippine government isn’t behind this. Apparently it has a lot on its hand… More “depressed” communities/ situations…

    But I guess the government lauds this initiative..

  5. Angel: The volunteers are mostly from the parish there.. but they get volunteers from schools like (UP, Ateneo, etc) too :)

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